Our Mission

“It took a while to actually admit there might be another way. When we began working with Roxanne’s team, for the first time, I saw a genuinely different, organized approach. We got buy-in for and installed procedures that worked and kept working. As a consequence, we hit our goals for the next year a year earlier—all in one year! And we had one guy who far exceeded the chart of what we thought was possible! But honestly, I feel this is just the beginning.”

C. Floyd

President & CEO,
First National Bank of Syracuse,
#2 on 2016 SNL Top 100 under $1 Billion

The Emmerich Group’s mission is simple yet significant—we’re out to save community banking because of the unique value it contributes and the unique role it plays in our local, state and national economic systems.

We work with the most elite, ambitious, results-oriented banks with aspirations to be the best of the best. We do that by working at the intersection of high-performance culture, sales system and skills transformation, and high-ROI marketing to bring in the most-desirable prospects with over an 85% close rate—even though they love their current bank—and tie other elements together to maximize the ROI from every activity and dollar.

And we believe there isn’t a bank that can’t double its performance—haven’t met one yet. We take banks to a level of performance they never dreamed possible.

We grew 21 percent while decreasing FTEs by 11 percent and raising net interest margin 52 basis points since working with you. 100 percent of our new loan customers are referrals from current customers or centers of influence. Not a week goes by when I don’t get a call from a client complimenting my staff. I don’t even remember it happening before we made this shift.

K. Miller

President & CEO,
The Farmers Bank

Every quarter comes around, and we’ve hit every single metric that before we never thought we would actually hit! In just one year, we had almost 18% Core Deposit Growth, totaling $20 million. Of that, $15 million was low-cost deposits. It is no longer a fight to get things done. All of a sudden we are having a blast coming to work every day!

C. Holland

Chief Executive Officer,
Farmers State Bank

We do that by:

Helping banks create the “franchise systems”

We show banks how to tie every person to profit on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis—along with teaching them how to double and triple the outcomes they get from their payroll dollars.

Helping banks solve their biggest problems

Whether it’s never having to match rates again; creating a system to attract the very best customers your competitors currently own; moving beyond lip service to own the entire relationship; transforming deposits to low-cost sticky deposits; or transforming the culture, we have tools, templates, secrets, and solutions.

Providing free and fee-based education to the industry

We host conferences, webinars, and livestream events; publish Extraordinary Banker® magazine; share blog articles; offer Thank God It’s Monday!® University (TGIM U); operate our Trusted Advisor Certification™ Program; host The Best Banks in America™ Annual Super Conference; offer the Accredited Banking Professional™ Certification Program; and more).

Serving as an extension of the banks’ executive teams

We have a proud 30 plus-year track record of taking ambitious banks to elite, top-of-industry levels of performance they only dreamed of… and so much faster than they could have imagined (see our Testimonials and Case Studies).

Continuously supporting, recognizing, and celebrating banks and bankers

We honor banks for achieving new levels of service and contributions to their communities via The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™ and its Banky™ Awards.

Bringing “intentional congruence” to the bank

Our systems align everyone and everything to the “utopian dream” — so effectively that many of our banks have hit EVERY single element of their utopian dream in less than three years. (Intentional congruence means that we tie performance culture, marketing, sales and service systems to the strategic plan and utopian goals.)


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