Who We Are

“The coaches and supporting staff are absolutely outstanding. Not only do they answer all of our questions and concerns but they are highly proactive in providing what we need before we even ask. They have helped us develop a highly motivated and efficient organization where everyone holds each other accountable. Even in the face of COVID-19, we are meeting or exceeding all of our strategic planning goals.

D. Ahlers

President & CEO,
Sterling Federal Bank

 Our Founder Roxanne Emmerich
and The Emmerich Group Team

A Founder’s Farming Roots

Our founder and CEO Roxanne Emmerich didn’t grow up among the wealthy or elite. She wasn’t born into a banking dynasty. She grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, milking cows and plowing fields. Over the years, she saw neighbors and family friends lose their farms to foreclosure from the big national banks. Even at that young age, it was clear to her that community banks are key to strong communities. She understood that when a community bank leaves, small businesses and jobs go with it.

Someone Who’s Been Where You Are

After earning her undergraduate degree in agricultural business, Roxanne began her career in banking. As her career evolved, she ran a de novo bank that set records in terms of growth and profitability, then went on to be a lead investor and founder of two banks. Each step she’s taken since then has been grounded in this belief: communities benefit when they have strong community banks that understand how to help their communities grow and prosper.

Impacting Hundreds of Banks and Millions of People

From her humble beginnings, Roxanne’s impact has been felt by millions around the world:

She is the New York Times, #1 Amazon, Businessweek, and international best-selling author of Thank God It’s Monday!®. Her latest book, The Breakthrough Banking Blueprint, is 5-star rated on Amazon.

She has been seen on Fox Business, CBS, CNN and has been interviewed for over 900 radio shows and podcasts.

As a speaker, she has been listed by Sales and Marketing Management magazine as one of the top 12 most requested speakers in the country for her ability to profoundly transform profit and growth rapidly and sustainably.

Roxanne has been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame and has given more than 4000 speeches to banking and business audiences including the leadership teams of Lockheed, Merck, Upjohn, and Verizon and has spoken in virtually every industry.

Roxanne was selected from over 30,000 in the industry for both the state and national “Entrepreneur of the Year” award before she turned 30.

She was the top-rated adjunct faculty at the University of Wisconsin Management Institute, teaches at the Graduate Schools of Banking, and was singled out by the University of Wisconsin as their 2003 Distinguished Alumna.

And before you get the idea that The Emmerich Group is all—and only—about Roxanne, you should know that we’ve curated a team with depth and breadth. These are people who have previously been exactly what you aspire to be… high-performing executives leading their organizations to never-before-seen heights. Each team member has used and mastered the systems, so you can have confidence in their guidance and advice.

It’s no surprise, then, that over the past 30 years,
The Emmerich Group has guided more ambitious community banks to elite performance, long-term success, and sustainability than any other industry advisor.

“We’ve grown from $238 million to $368 million… a 54.49 percent increase, net income grew from $2.1 million to $4.1 million… a 95.2% increase, and earning assets grow from $213 million to $332 million-a 55.66 percent increase.”

G. Majors

President & CEO,
The Hardin County Bank



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