How We Work

“Roxanne and her team of Coaches do a fantastic job. They give you their undivided attention and provide you all the tools you need to succeed! Having joined my bank after they started the Emmerich Group I was quickly taken by the program and all it has to offer. I tell every interviewee that I didn’t realize that this was a program I craved prior to working where I am now.

A. Hellerman

Vice President,
Minnesota National Bank

The Emmerich Group Approach to
Transforming Community Bank Performance

In community banking, having good people is simply not enough. At The Emmerich Group, we place our faith in the power of good systems and have built our approach on them.

We believe because for more than 30 years, we have witnessed the power of systems to transform performance by transforming people and processes.

A bad system will beat a good person every time.”

– W. Edwards Deming, Pioneering Management Thinker

Strong systems

are guideposts on the path
that leads from your current
state to your desired future.

interconnect across disciplines
to create a synergy that far
exceeds its component parts.

ensure everyone on the team
knows what to do, how to do
it, and why it matters.

To be clear, though, strong systems are far from static and carved in stone. They can–and must–adapt to environmental changes. But because the fundamental, foundational principles that underpin them remain clear and unchanging, the system is still recognizable in its new incarnation.

The Emmerich Group is the only banking advisory organization offering a customized-to-you franchised approach that integrates and addresses all the disparate elements critical to your bank’s results.

For us at The Emmerich Group, “franchised” means a cohesive, coordinated, comprehensive set of … here comes that word again … systems that have been split-tested and validated. In fact, we offer 27 such systems for doing literally everything in your bank:

  • The best way to hire a lender;
  • The best way to identify who will be your next 100 best customers—and systematically pull them from your competitors at premium pricing;
  • The best way to differentiate your bank and create massive and meaningful value that your customers and prospects (and your competitors’ best customers) can’t ignore;
  • The best way to command premium pricing and achieve a close rate of 85% or higher;
  • And more in marketing, sales, strategy, leadership development, and culture, to list just a few of the areas

Our franchised systems are responsible for taking many of our clients from bottom-quartile performance to Top 5%—even #1 in their state—in just a few years. And when you integrate these systems into your bank, you can expect to experience growth: positive–even dramatic—needle movement and unquestioned results and performance-cultural improvement within 30-60 days (and that’s just the start).

Want the secrets of a no-excuses accountability system your people will love?