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“The Emmerich Group has been an outstanding business partner for over 5 years! Their expertise has helped our team improve our culture and grow profitably. Their other clients have also helped provide us with an additional network of other trusted professionals who are like-minded and seek continuous improvement.”

B. Baller

Chief Lending Officer,
Security Bank

Ambitious Banks and Bankers Aiming for Top-of-Industry Performance and Radical Results

The stirring breezes that began to move through U.S. community banking

a decade ago have now built to hurricane force and threaten to level the industry. From more than 15,000 community banks in 2008, fewer than 5,000 remain today. Among those that are left:

Many are headed by CEOs who waste time “complaining about the wind” — the changes and challenges arising from big banks, FinTech, Congress, regulators, the economy, and more. They’re so stuck in the problem, they have no energy to look for a solution… and they don’t really believe that one is possible.

Another sizable number of banks are headed by CEOs who cling to their “tried and tired” approaches, believing that simply expecting things to improve is a strategy. Their pride (dangerous, hubris-level pride) blinds them to both the situation and their power to change it.

And then there are those few banks that are headed by CEOs who check their egos at the door, assess the situation, and commit to adjusting their sails. They know that just as fire refines metal, tough times can forge their team into something even stronger than before. These are the banks that will outlast this storm and sail on.

The Emmerich Group works with bankers in this last group. These are bankers who are:

  • Completely committed to finding ways to overcome whatever challenges come their way
  • Driven and determined to be the first-considered, most-respected, and highest-ranked bank in their community
  • Fiercely focused on the success of the businesses and individuals they serve
  • Pumped and primed to take their team to levels of performance they’ve only dreamed of
  • Ready for (and realistic about) the work it will take to get there

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

– William Arthur Ward (American author and speaker)

We select and approve our clients

We only want to work with the banks committed to being
among the best of the best.

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Where We Can Help | With Emmerich, You Can Win in These 6 Critical Core Areas and Against These 7
Bank-Killing Threats

Over the last 30 years, The Emmerich Group has worked with more than 300 banks and thousands of bank executives as a rapid response team, giving them the tools, techniques, and templates to achieve consistent, predictable, replicable results in six critical core areas:

Net interest






As the saying goes, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.” Quite simply, no industry advisor has helped more banks get to top-of-peer status (and stay there) than The Emmerich Group.

So grab a fork and get
ready to dig in.

There’s plenty of meat here to judge for yourself whether
The Emmerich Group could be the right partner to
help your community bank:

  • Identify and execute the precise steps that preserve and grow revenue and move your bank to top-of-peer performance
  • Get your entire team committed to having the right people doing the right things right
  • Become the trusted and valuable partner your customers can’t stop raving about (and your prospects can’t wait to start working with)

If that sounds dramatic, that’s only because we find ourselves in a dramatic
situation. Only two options are open to you: fight to win, or keep losing your
independence (only at an ever-faster pace).

You’re fighting for your bank’s life.


External Threats to Community Banks

The Emmerich Group sees the blows coming at you from the outside.

PPP loans were a life preserver for businesses and community banks … but those days are gone. You know you need to ramp up production and grow assets and deposits safely and profitably.

Big banks and other competitors are trying to lure your best customers away with the twin siren songs of low rates and absurd terms. You refuse to chase rates downward because you know it’s a desperation strategy that always ends poorly.

Fintech firms are telling Millennials that banks are unnecessary … and many Millennials are listening. You know that technology is far from the only thing someone needs from their bank.

Congress and the banking regulators are constraining your ability to compete. You know that the key to dominating your market is making the value of working with your bank crystal-clear and undeniable to your customers and prospects.


Need to know how other banks are getting A+ credits with premium pricing?


Internal Threats to Community Banks

We see the blows coming from within, too.

Your own people are contributing to your NIM compression. You know they need to have rock-solid belief that the community bank offers customers and prospects something unique, valuable, and uniquely valuable … so they can overcome the commodity mindset and be confident enough to reject the rate-matching game.

Check out Fix These 7 Crucial Missteps to Win the Net Interest Margin Battle for a deeper dive on this topic.

Your own systems (or, rather, the lack thereof) drive NIM compression, too. They’re also at the heart of lackluster loan growth, disappointing deposits, and crummy cross-sales. You know you need an integrated marketing and sales process. One that creates extreme value for your customers and identifies your best next prospects. And you have to back it up with a “no excuses” target-driven management system built to maximize the depth of your customer relationships.

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You’re having to listen to (or worse, placate) execs and board members who demand you win the race but insist you do it while buried to your knees in concrete. “We can do it ourselves; we don’t need outside help.” “Old-school methods must be effective or they wouldn’t still be around.” “We’re just not trying hard enough.” “It’s the competition and the economy … we can’t win.” Sound familiar?

But …

What if you had a strong strategic plan under you?

What if you had a team around you whose culture has been transformed?

What if you had the right benchmarks and targets in front of you?

And what if you realized you can play the game YOUR way and WIN?

You’d have everything you
need to be an unstoppable


Ready to see what DOES work—every time?