Improve Your Bank-Customer Relationship

What are your customers saying about you? Do they have brand awareness? Or do they have brand insistence?

You see, the degree to which you create a customer relationship with every customer at your bank is the degree to which you become their only banker that’s necessary. 

Now those words are easier said than done. And in fact, most banks have been trying to improve bank customer relationships for a very long time. But …

What Does It Take To Build A Relationship? 

How do you find out how to create a relationship with each customer so they feel uniquely spoken to?

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Escape the Bank Employee Turnover Tsunami!

Stylized graphic of bank manager pushing against large, grasping hand, protecting current employee, illustrating employee retention.

How do you protect your bank from the new “I Quit Culture” known as the Great Resignation of 2021?

And how do you combat the upcoming exodus caused by headhunters calling your best team members weekly with outrageous offers—promising the moon, including upfront money and significantly higher salaries?

The research shows that we’ve never seen a time quite like this—you are more vulnerable than ever before to losing your best people.

Statistics Say: Take Bank Employee Turnover Seriously!

The Microsoft Work Trends Index found that 26% of workers plan to leave their current jobs over the next two months,

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Loan Growth Strategies for 2022: Insights for a Post-PPP World

Overhead view of one open, yellow umbrella surrounded by open, black umbrellas, illustrating differentiation as growth strategy.

It’s unprecedented. In talking with a few dozen CEOs these last two weeks, almost all used the exact same words… 

“I’m very concerned about 2022. How are we going to replace the income from PPP and the other programs?


  • “We’re making new loans… but the payoffs are killing us.”
  • “The competitors have gone mad with their low-ball offers—how do we compete against that?”
  • The Fed was telling us that interest rates are going to stay low for at least a year,

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