Breakthrough Banking Blueprint Shows You The Best Way [VIDEO]

When I first left day-to-day banking to start this business, my first client was voted every year as the country’s top franchise.

Although I did their management development curriculum and educated their people about how to run that business, one of the things that I’m sure is true is that I learned more from them than they learned from me. I learned the concept of franchise thinking.

How do you do AB split testing to find out the best way to do things?

What’s the best way to hire a lender?

What is the best way to identify your next best customers?

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The Real Question Is, Can You Afford Not To? [VIDEO]

A dear friend asked me a question one time, “oh really, can you afford not to?” and I thought that was one of the most brilliant questions I’ve ever heard.

Let me pose it to you this way.

Can you afford not to figure out how to increase your net interest margin by 100 basis points while bringing down your cost of funds and bringing up the quality of the loans you’re making?


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The Single Most Important KPI for ROI in Marketing [VIDEO]

I was speaking recently for a bank marketing association and what occurred to me was that I made a big discovery. I asked them how they move net interest margin. And I got that “huh?” look.

Then I dug a little bit deeper to ask them, “Well, tell me what net interest margin is, and how you as a marketing department tie into a net interest margin?” Blank stares. Nobody knew.

Not one person in an entire association knew probably the most important KPI for their department.

Now, if that’s happening in almost every bank within this country,

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Who Made Up THAT Rule? [VIDEO]

Everyone has patterns of disbelief.

Some people believe that in politics, there is one side or the other, and they’re unwilling to look at the alternative. Still others believe that the moon is made of cheese.

You may have a belief system that’s true. You may have a belief system that’s not true. And the question that we have to look at as executive is, “what has to be true for us to challenge what we believe to be true?”

You see, there are many beliefs within our industry right now,

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The Elite Bank Performance Blueprint [VIDEO]

Let’s think through profitability for a second. Profitability has different meanings to different people because profitability by itself doesn’t mean much. When I first wrote the Profit-Growth Banking book before the last recession, I talked about how I’m not impressed by banks that grow fast. I’m not impressed by banks that are profitable.


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How to Create a Rockin Culture During Difficult Times [VIDEO]

When times get a little challenging, people can wig out and the team dynamics get a little interesting. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Culture can be managed and culture can remain great, but you’re going to have to pay more attention to your culture than ever before during challenging times.


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Your Team-Selling Checklist [VIDEO]

Team selling is the new “it.” But most banks get it all wrong, sadly. They think team selling is “I send Joe out with Susie, and Pat goes out with Jane … and everything is good.”

That is not team selling. Harvard Business Review had an instructive research-based article making the case that team selling is clobbering the traditional Maverick model.

But, hey, to get better results, you’ve got to do the team-selling process correctly, right?


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The Great Money Migration: How Much Money Will Leave You [VIDEO]

We all got away in 2020 with not having to be out there calling on people all the time because we’ve been waiting for things to go back to normal.

For customers to walk into our lobbies again…to go back to the way it was.

But it doesn’t seem to be going back very quickly and certainly is never going to go back to the way it has been.


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You’ve Seen This All Before [VIDEO]

In every recession, the same things happen. Deposits get difficult. Everyone’s fighting over those same dollars. They all need deposits. Regulators are coming in. They’re cranky, and they’re writing up banks. There are liquidity issues. Everybody gets desperate and tries to find deposits, just when they’re hardest to find. That doesn’t seem like a good strategy to me. (more…)

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