Roxanne Emmerich is the trusted advisor to the most revered, elite, highest-performing banks in America.

Does Your Team REALLY Know What to Do to Survive & Thrive During Turbulent Times?

Bankers who read this book can answer with a resounding “YES”

Today, profits have increased 44% over last year! All this in a market with many tough competitors.

– P. Steele, President and CEO, Builtwell Bank

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The high-performance formula
used by 80% of America’s Top 100 banks

We assumed that high performance was for ‘the other guys.’
Then we found the Blueprint.

  • Assets $195MM
  • Earnings $1.2MM
  • Deposits $175MM
  • ROA 0.47
  • ROE 9.15
  • Assets $330MM
  • Earnings $6.0+MM
  • Deposits $300MM
  • ROA 2.06
  • ROE 27.09

We skyrocketed from a bank that was battling for average to a high level of performance we never dreamed possible. We’re hitting every single metric every single quarter. All of a sudden, we’re having a blast coming to work every day!

– C. Holland, CEO, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass
2022 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™ Award Winner

Inside…Tested Strategies to Prevail Against
Client-Poaching Predators

Chapter 1

From Transactional to Transformational Leadership: How Great Banks Cultivate Extraordinary Leaders

As a direct result of the Executive Development Program, we’ve experienced a much higher level of accountability within our executive team and senior leaders. That’s created big results for the bank—one of our most successful years ever.

– L. Harrison,
President & CEO, Virginia Partners Bank

Chapter 2

How the Most Profitable Banks “Obsess” Over Their Top 100 Prospects

We’re focused on the right target markets and our Top 100 most profitable customers are really making an impact on asset quality.

– T. Etcheson, Chairman,
Hoosier Heartland State Bank

Chapter 3

Everybody is in Marketing

…shows how the entire staff is in sales and marketing and how everyone in the bank influences the bottom line.

– M. Traeger, Senior Vice President,
Minnesota National Bank

Chapter 4

The Deposit Debacle: Why Most Banks Can’t Attract Their Fair Share

While ‘practicing’ [what they learned from Emmerich, two team members] brought in $20 million in deposits—$15 million of which were low-cost deposits.

– C.Holland, Chief Executive Officer, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass,
2022 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™ Winner

Chapter 5

Building a Predictable “Franchise System” for Landing Large, Low-Cost Deposits

Our focus on the sales process has led to growth in our core deposits, adding significant value to our organization in the long run.

– M. Scheopner, Chief Executive Officer,
Landmark National Bank

Chapter 6

Why You Shouldn’t Compromise on Pricing

You taught us how to get premium pricing by providing what everybody talks about, but few can achieve—a true differentiation for our bank.

– K. Knudsen, Chief Executive Officer, Security Bank,
2017 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™ Award winner

Chapter 7

The Path to Premium Pricing: Powerful USPs

We increased NIM by about 100 basis points in just one year. It’s just like [Roxanne] said—the A+ credits now bring in A+ credits…and they don’t expect us to match pricing.

– K. Beckmeyer,
President & CEO, Legence Bank

Chapter 8

How Not to Lose Millions with Your Next Merger or Acquisition

Our previous acquisition was a train wreck. [This time, thanks to Emmerich] we had everyone happy and productive within a few short months after our recent acquisition. We [were able to go] right to profit impact.

– CEO who asked not to share
his name [for obvious reasons]

Chapter 9

Creating a Strategic Plan That Drives Performance and Profit

[This approach to strategic planning] removes barriers in the executive management team and empowers all of us to create strategy. We are energized to continue.

– C. Holland, CEO, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass
2022 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™ Award Winner

Chapter 10

The Mindset for High-Performance Accountability

Because of our iron-clad strategic planning implementation and accountability system, 71% of our employees achieved target or optimal on their second-quarter goals.

– N. Grigsby,
President, Farmers State Bank

Chapter 11

Building Confidence for an Accountability Culture

Before, I didn’t feel like I had the confidence to talk to larger business customers. I now have the knowledge and confidence to have those conversations and win their business for our bank!

– L. Leverett, Senior Vice President,
Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass

Chapter 12

Making Every Team Member Accountable for Profit and Purpose

[The Emmerich Group has] helped us develop a highly motivated and efficient organization where everyone holds each other accountable.

– D. Ahlers, President &
CEO, Sterling Federal Bank

Chapter 13

Debunking the Five Biggest Myths in Loan Growth

Assets have grown 44%, loan growth is up 64%, net income has doubled, AND we were ranked #2 by SNL for banks under $1 billion.

– C. Floyd, President & CEO,
First National Bank of Syracuse, 3-Time Banky™ Award winner

Chapter 14

Team Selling Trumps the Individual Selling Model

[Using] a team selling approach…landed $14 million in new deposits and 5 new accounts in just 60 days!

– C. Holland, Chief Executive Officer, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass,
2022 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™ Award winner

Chapter 15

How to Double Cross-Sales in Five Months or Less

We increased cross-sales across all 29 branches by 297%…now we’re in excess of 5 on average across the company, with some banks well in excess of 7.

– M. Scheopner, Chief Executive
Officer, Landmark National Bank

Chapter 16

Creating Predictable, Long-Term Cross-Sales Success

The really dramatic change is our cross-sales. We tripled cross-sales, from 2.9 to 8.4, on average, across the bank. We view this as the ultimate vote of trust from our customers.

– K. Knudsen, Chief Executive Officer, Security Bank
2017 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™

Chapter 17

The Predictive Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Profitable Revenue

Since using ZERORISK Hiring System, our turnover rate has dropped from 40% to below 2% in the past 18 months.

– S. Pajak, Vice President,
St. Charles Bank & Trust

How would things change if you knew your team could create massive
impact in even ONE of these areas?

FACT: NOBODY has helped more community banks prevail and come out at TOP OF PEERS during the last recession than Roxanne Emmerich and her team.

In fact, one community bank CEO said it best:
“Roxanne Emmerich is a one-woman economic recovery program.”

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Product Information
Title: The Breakthrough Banking Blueprint: The “Franchise” System to Get to Top-of-Peer Performance and Stay There
Author: Roxanne Emmerich
ISBN: 978-1-890965-11-2
Softcover: 160 pages