Introducing the New Encyclopedia of Banking: The A to Z’s of the New Standards and Best Practices That Only the Best Performing Banks Will Be Embracing to Emerge Stronger!

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re:invent: verb

change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new.

The world has changed. The way you do business will have to change with it.

The Breakthrough BankingTM virtual series, re:invent gives away top-tier insider intel on how to succeed in ways that just weren’t possible before.

Do you want to know the big secret to a successful bank strategy? More than resilience, a first movers advantage gives you an unrivaled, permanent leg-up on your competitors.

The best part of a new game is the head start for those who know the new rules.

Community banking’s market differentiation and elite distinctions are forged through fire: and the world of banking has just been thrown into a volcano. There will only be a handful of moments like this, and there has never been a better time to reposition your bank as the bank.

Stop listening to so-called experts who tout successes with the faulty universal bank model and false best practices. There has been a constant flow of CEOs who have been tricked and conned by consultants and authorities alike touting the “magic solution” to every problem they have.

Smart, competent bank leaderships have fallen prey to this false solution rhetoric that leaves their banks worse than before their investment… We know this because the Emmerich Group has helped too many of these victims of false promises pick back up and get on the real path to success, but this path is much easier to walk down from where you’re at now than from back at where you started. Don’t let these bad-quality advisors take your money and run.

Success is a Science…

The most elite, high-performing community banks in the industry all have one thing in common: they trust the Emmerich Group and their high-performance franchise system to provide them with practiced, time-tested, comprehensive strategies to attain and retain their top-of-peers status.

Investing in a surefire success system will give you time to win when everyone else is just finding out that their “experts” aren’t actually experts at all.

If you don’t take the time to ensure your advice is coming from the best of the best, expect to lose big. Do not pass go. Do not collect 2 million dollars in deposits.

With the numbers of community banks shrinking dramatically within the past few decades from 18,000 to 5,000, Emmerich Group can no longer allow false information and bad advice to destroy the banks of America one by one.

It was difficult to achieve enviable top-level status within community banking before, but compounded with the unending wave of fine, bad, worse challenges? It has become impossible to do alone.

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Here’s what you can expect:

  • Groundbreaking new insights on the future of banking
  • The ultimate guide to pulling in your distracted competitors’ best customers
  • Intel on remote selling and why you need to transition your team to this powerhouse sales strategy
  • The tools to build a top-of-peers plan for emerging stronger after the dust has settle
  • Tips on how to hit the invisible bullseye on your ideal customer’s backs, every time
  • The best of the best of new banking leadership necessities

Your Guide to Winning the New Game of Banking

Leading you throughout the Breakthrough BankingTM Virtual Series is Roxanne Emmerich. Nobody has helped more banks get to the top-of-peers status than Roxanne Emmerich. One CEO client referred to her as a “one-woman economic recovery program.”

She is the New York Times bestselling author of Thank God It’s Monday®! and author of Profit-Growth Banking® and the Net Interest Margin Solution. She is also editor-in-chief of Extraordinary Banker® magazine, which has a readership of 15,000 board members and executives from the best banks in the country.

She is the founder and chair of the Institute for Extraordinary Banking™ and creator of the Banky™ Award.

Roxanne is CEO of the Emmerich Group®, which helps banks get to top 5% performance and stay there. Her clients, when asked every month to rate on a 1 to 10 scale how likely they are to refer The Emmerich Group to their friends, have given her and her team an unprecedented-n-any-industry 9.5+ score every month for over five years!

She has been inducted into the National Speaker Hall of Fame, singled out as the University of Wisconsin Distinguished Alumna, and received the prestigious Nido Qubein Philanthropist of the Year award for her ongoing work to build 300 schools in Africa.

And in 2020 at Breakthrough Banking: re:invented, she’ll ignite a transformation in your bank that will take you to the top-of-peer performance.


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