Can’t Miss Bank Marketing Strategies Of A Post-PPP Economy

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Hello. I have a question for you: how are you going to create the same kind of income that you created last year with PPP?

It May Sound Hard. And It Probably Will Be. 

That said, bank marketing strategies that are effective should help you get the job done—by creating the right strategies that define who your next best customers are since your top 100 customers account for anywhere between 50 to 140% of your profits anyway.

Your Next Best Customers

If you find people just like them by defining them, then you create a reputational equity process that allows them to fall in love with you before you call on them. Then you tie your marketing into the sales process called smarketing, so that there is a process all the way through until the very end when you get the entire relationship at premium pricing. 

That’s all a marketing function. Yes, it sounds like it ends when the lead is passed off to the sales team. But that’s when you’re doing it wrong. The very best banks and other businesses understand a key distinction that most banks don’t understand. And that is that marketing goes all the way until the deal is closed. 

Reputational Equity

So, when you’re working hard to identify the right people, make sure that you’re creating reputational equity. Then build a process to make sure you get the appointment. Work with your sales team to make sure the extreme differentiation is there, and they know how to sell the extreme differentiation. Then make sure they follow a very tightly defined process so that they have an 85% close rate on those deals because you’ve worked so hard to get those leads. 

There are only 100 Top 100 prospects in your market. So why not get all of them through effective bank marketing strategies?

– Roxanne Emmerich

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