5 Ways to Command Higher Pricing without Losing the Deal

Here Are Five Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line and Customer Satisfaction


1) Bundle your products so there are no apple to apple comparisons: “Our 7-year mortgage program happens to come with free checking, free bill pay, free Internet banking, a free debit card AND a line of credit that will cover overdrafts at a reduced rate of $____ if you sign up for this package prior to closing.”

2) Teach wisdom: your clients want you to teach them how to make wise financial decisions. Show them how to ladder CDs, so they maximize returns without giving up access to their cash… and they’ll shift the focus from rate to the relationship.

3) Expect that you will earn all the relationship: Let your client know that you don’t want to be an afterthought… but rather the place where all their finances are handled, so their life is made easier. When you declare your intention to be a key player, you will earn their confidence to be exactly that.

4) Think beyond today: Look for ways to do a loss leader that allows you to capture a lifetime stream of income. NEVER do loss leaders if your people do not have the mindsets or skill sets to upsell.

5) Tell them you WANT the business: A man once said, “I’m only interested in women who are extremely interested in me.” There is nothing more alluring than letting a client know that you really want to work with them.

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