FAST-Track Strategic Planning™ Think Tank Summit

Event: FAST-Track Strategic Planning™ Think Tank Summit

Most strategic planning is done by accounting firms and consultants using traditional analysis. And when they’re done, most times you have exactly zero strategies and no implementation framework. That’s not a strategic plan … that’s a project plan for a wish list. At best (and it isn’t often), a small fraction of things get implemented … and critical numbers never get hit. Now imagine a strategic planning process blueprint that precisely maps the right strategies for your community bank … strategies proven to lower risk, improve profit, and build a sustainable system that creates predictable, organic growth … a system that actually gets implemented and exceeded. Quite simply, nobody’s strategic planning process gets results like ours.

Elite Breakthrough Banking™: Revenue Revolution 2022

Event: Elite Breakthrough Banking™: Revenue Revolution 2022

In today’s banking world, where disruptive technologies and products threaten the very core of the OLD community banking model, innovation often means the difference between success and failure. To get you to the right side of that thin line and to help bring you up to speed on how results-oriented banks build to outlast change and volatility in the economy and how they outsmart competition to name their own prices, we’re inviting you to come discover the secret of real innovation in community banking. Call it an innovation invitation.

Discover the PROVEN blueprint to transform your workplace into a Thank God It’s Monday!™ predictable-success machine. Explore a high-profit revenue-producing system that ends order-taking for good. You won’t believe you waited so long! Discover how to identify your best next customers and yank them from your competitor while never matching rate again.