Because You Deserve To Be A Top 5 Percenter™

Permission To Be Extraordinary Summit
Join the elite at the Permission to Be ExtraordinaryÂŽ Summit to unlock the secrets to becoming a top 5% bank
Permission To Be Extraordinary Summit

Ignite And Sustain Your Passion

May 14-15, 2024 in Atlanta, GA

Are you ready to play a bigger game? Is it finally time to take your bank to the next level?

Unleash your senior executives on an incredible journey of new experiences, ideas and challenges that will catapult you to new heights and raise your organization’s success to the highest possible level.

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Join elite Top 5 Percenter™ banking executives and make the leap from ordinary to extraordinary

Excellence happens by design. It takes effort, diligence and a proven, results-oriented mindset that must be cultivated and developed. This is where the magic happens.


Play a bigger game

The internal game drives the external results. Reframe your mind to encompass the next level and guide your team there.


Get rid of old patterns

Without a paradigm shift, your team will remain stuck in repeating patterns. Breakthrough the antiquated barriers at this summit.


Benefit from high-level networking

Mix and mingle with Top 5 Percenter™ bankers and discover the most recent and cutting-edge procedures to join their ranks.


Go from good to great

Good can be the enemy of great. Stop settling for acceptable and reach for record-breaking outcomes.


Shift Your Mindset

Top 5 Percenters™ operate differently. Embrace their secrets and implement their tactics so you can join their ranks.


Participate in hands-on workshops

Cement Permission To Be ExtraordinaryÂŽ strategies through fun, interactive workshops with elite bankers.

Roxanne Emmerich Permission To Be Extraordinary Conference

Who Is Roxanne Emmerich?

Roxanne Emmerich taught incoming CEOs how to become a banking CEO at the Colorado School of Banking.

She was also the top-rated adjunct faculty member at the University of Wisconsin Management Institute where she taught executives of Fortune 500 companies for over 10 years.

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What Conference Participants Said

P. Steele, Chief Executive Officer, Builtwell Bank
“Permission To Be Extraordinary gave me the confidence to know I could take my company to greatness.”
Charles Holland, Chief Executive Officer, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass
“Permission to Be Extraordinary brings out the best in individuals to become better executives and team members to elevate the entire team.”
Dean Ahlers, President & CEO, Sterling Federal Bank
“This is a must for all top executives and probably the most important investment of your time you will ever make!”
D. Krause, Chief Executive Officer, Pioneer Bank
“This Summit goes well beyond anything any banker has experienced before. I’ve been a banker for more than 30 years and thought I knew what to expect from a Leadership Summit—I never expected this.”
S. Koranda, Executive Vice President, Security Bank
“PTBE was two of the best days of my career. Examining myself and focusing on utilizing strengths will guide me personally and professionally.”
T. Coan, Chief Culture Officer, The Richwood Banking Company
“You will leave transformed and equipped to take yourself to the places you’ve dreamed about.”
D. Fair, President, Bank of Tennessee
“I highly recommend this program to any and all leaders and executives of an organization that wishes to increase revenue, production, stock value and set it on the right course for future growth and profitability.”
T. Etcheson, Chief Executive Officer, Hoosier Heartland State Bank
“You will not be disappointed. This will exceed your expectations.”
B. Flynn, Chief Executive Officer, Community Financial Services Bank
“This session truly helps you get to know and understand yourself, your purpose on earth, and recognize your unique competencies to best lead your team. Truly life changing!”
J. Jones, Chief Executive Officer, First National Bank of Layton
“If you are open to the concepts, it will not only change how you lead, but how you live!”
Jeff Bridgman, Executive Vice President, Builtwell Bank
“This event is unique because it is all about making me better; not just a better banker or leader, but a better version of me personally and for my family.”
S. Miller, Executive Vice President, STAR Financial
“Permission to be Extraordinary were the two best days of my life other than the days I got married and had my children”

For more information, call us at (952) 737-6730