Net Interest Margin

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Fix These 7 Crucial Missteps to Win the Net Interest Margin Battle—Emmerich Can Help

As a community bank, compression in your net interest margin (NIM) is a given.

Or is it?

It is for most community banks… but why then are so many of them able to grow their net interest margin by 40 to even 100 basis points in a year in the same tough markets… in the same challenging economy… and with the same level of intense competition?

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Strategic Planning

Your Bank’s Map to Strategic Planning Success With Just 9 Questions—Emmerich Can Help

I can show you how to re-capture the nearly 40 percent of profits that you’re probably leaving on the table right now. And it only requires you to answer 9 questions. “Impossible!” you say. But I’ve done it time and time again for community banks just like yours. Let’s back up for a minute though.

About that nearly 40 percent. A Mondaq research study discovered that most companies only realize about 63 percent of the financial value (i.e., profit) projected in their strategic plans.

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