Profit-Growth Banking Challenge February 2014

PGB Challenge

February 2014 Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit Challenge Results!

Grand Prize Winner Got To Choose From:

  • An iPad Mini or an Amazon Kindle Fire HD

  • 10 Thank God It’s Monday! Books or 6 Profit-Growth Banking Books

  • An Emmerich Group team member visit to your bank! (Travel not included.)

  • OR a special teleseminar customized for your group given by Roxanne Emmerich

The Grand Prize Winner Was…

Hoosier Heartland State Bank

Wow, fantastic submission, Hoosier Heartland State Bank!

Your “Fill the Truck Challenge” is an excellent way to create a buzz about your bank AND help out your community members in need! We absolutely love that you provide a free truck to your mortgage clients and community non-profits, and we agree that it’s definitely time for you to get the word out! As you begin posting about the truck on your website, social media sites, and in your bank, be sure to include testimonials from non-profits and customers who have used your services.

You have done a nice job outlining your 90-day plan. Make sure to assign each step an owner and deadline to make it easy to track and follow. We applaud the fact that you have incorporated your Centers of Influence into your “gives” and we must say, the products you have selected sound delicious!

We truly admire the heart your team has for breast cancer awareness and research. Lana, make sure to put us down for a cookbook!

Nice job, Hoosier Heartland!

HHSB Create a Buzz Plan March 2014

Honorable Mentions…

Adams Community Bank

Excellent submission, Adams Community Bank!

A quarterly newsletter is great way to drum up buzz and get the word out about your bank! We appreciate the detail and examples you have provided in your submission and are very impressed with the project plan you have laid out for the newsletter creation. As you are pulling together the materials for the publications, make sure to be focusing on value-add content for your customers and potential customers, as that is sure to position your bank as an expert and provider of knowledge.

We applaud your FAQ section idea. You may consider featuring an employee each quarter from a different department to provide topic-specific expertise to your readers. And as always, make sure to provide ways to sign up for this newsletter on your website and in social media.

Great job, Adams Community! Be sure to add us to your mailing list!!

Adams Community Bank Create-A-BUZZ-Plan!
ACB BUZZ Newsletter pg 1_SUBMITTED
ACB BUZZ Newsletter_page 2_SUBMITTED

Citizens National Bank

Nice work, Citizens National Bank! Your school checking and savings campaign is sure to draw lots of positive attention to your bank! Not only does it allow you to strengthen your customers’ and potential customers’ school districts, but it also highlights your bank as a key contributor to your communities. Your team might consider more ways you could tie in your COIs or small business clients to sponsor part of your campaign.

We are thrilled you are planning to promote this on your website, social media, and inside your bank. A buzz campaign is only as strong as it visible and talked about, so keep the hype going!

Great submission, Citizens National Bank!
Citizens National Bank – Create a Buzz

Federation Bank

Your team has done a great job of outlining your bank’s Buzz Plan! We agree with how you have prioritized the steps–placing the need for internal commitments as number one followed by gathering your Top 100 lists. As you begin your Top 100 process, make sure to first identify the psychographics of your most profitable customers and then build your list from there. The last thing we want is you spinning your wheels–it’s all about finding your niche and then creating a feeding frenzy!

In terms of your customer touch plan, what you have laid out is a great start. We look forward to working with your team to further develop your 90-day plan and can’t wait to hear about all of the BUZZ this plan drums up for you!

Nice work, Federation Bank!

Federation Bank Buzz Plan

Old Mission Bank

Fantastic work, Old Mission Bank! Creating an educational banking and school supplies program for first grade students is an excellent way to create a buzz in your community. We applaud the detail you have put into your plan. We recommend brainstorming ways you might expand this campaign to further include the students’ parents and families–perhaps providing “gives” or resources to the families at the bank visits. While you are rolling out this campaign, make sure to also be posting pictures and blurbs about the event on your website and social media sites…the more visible and talked about the campaign, the better!

Not only is your plan creating buzz around your bank, but it is helping to instill healthy money habits into your communities. Excellent submission, Old Mission…keep this buzz going!
Old Mission Bank Create a Buzz Challenge

Olympia Federal Savings Bank

Oh my, this is a new one! While we won’t speak to the ethical rightness or wrongness of this target market and we trust that the bank would be diligent in identifying any relevant legal or regulatory issues regarding this unique opportunity, we can certainly speak to the development of your strategy and applaud the fact that you also included consideration of identifying and managing the perception and reaction of current customers.

Your team has done an excellent job of structuring your project plan, first by identifying all known obstacles and then by laying out a clear and actionable plan to overcome each one and accomplish the goal. We applaud the specificity in which you have written each step and are thrilled to see deadlines linked to each one. This plan is set up to zoom both in terms of results orientation and clarity of execution.

Fantastic work, Olympia Federal!

Oly Fed’s Create a Buzz BHAG

Security Bank

We are excited that your team will be utilizing the “First Night” bag for your mortgage clients. This is a simple but effective way to create a buzz amongst your new home owners. As you review the products you will be including in these bags, we strongly encourage you to think of ways of tying in your COIs and current customers into the bag offerings. Also you might consider hosting a brainstorm session with your team to identify creative ways you could package and deliver the bags to the customers.

Make sure to create a system for follow-up actions for your team. You will definitely want to plan out the next touch points with these customers so the “bag buzz” keeps going.

Way to go, Security Bank!

Security Bank – Create a Buzz