Grow Your Bank Summit Challenge Results

April 2013 Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit Challenge Results!

The Grand Prize Winner Got To Choose From:

  • An iPad Mini or an Amazon Kindle Fire HD
  • 10 Thank God It’s Monday! Books or 6 Profit-Growth Banking Books
  • An Emmerich Group team member visit to your bank!
  • OR a special teleseminar customized for your group given by Roxanne Emmerich

The Grand Prize Winner Was…

The First Citizens National Bank

Wow, way to put your money where your mouth is, First Citizens National Bank team! We are EXTREMELY impressed with the three new USPs you have created, especially your new business checking account USP! Putting a $100 guarantee behind your standard gives your customers a strong reason to believe in your commitment to service. It got our attention and it will certainly get the attention of your prospective customers!

First CitizensWe admire how involved your team is in your community and are impressed by how well you expressed this involvement in your USP. You could make this USP even more believable and dramatically different by giving specific numbers to the hours and dollars contributed.

We think the “flower pot” gift is a great idea and encourage you to consider how you may extend similar gifts to other customer segments.

With such strong USPs as the ones you have created, make sure you include them on your website, social media sites, and signage at your branches. A USP is only as strong as it is visible and talked about, so keep the conversation going!

Fantastic work, First Citizens National Bank!!

Download submission (pdf )

Runner Up:

Blackhawk Bank

We are simply spellbound by your team’s understanding of the USP process! Not only are your new USPs strategic and results focused, they include the needed “wow” factor, such as having your president, Rick, take part in the Top 100 training classes and having an iPhone 5 drawing for “graduates”. You could make these USPs even stronger by making sure you include the “reason to believe” as part of the USP. Make sure you are giving specifics and save marketing slogans for other purposes.

We were especially impressed by the implementation plans you have laid out. The plans are specific and include scripting, coaching, role-playing, and the testing of your staff members. We are pleased that you will be utilizing your website, social media, and signage at the bank to publicize these USPS and think requesting feedback and testimonials from your customers is a fantastic way to get the buzz going.

Way to go, Blackhawk Bank!!
Download submission – Current USPs (pdf )
Download submission – New USPs (pdf )

Honorable Mention List:

Adams Community Bank

WOW, Adams Community! We are very impressed with the training and marketing plans you have laid out for each of your USPs. As you know, a USP is only as strong as it is publicized and implemented by each staff member. Great work!

Though getting to know each customer by name is excellent, remember the importance of laying out the explicit benefit to the customer in the USP. The more visual and specific your propositions can be, the more powerful they will be to your next best customers.

As you revisit your USP list, remember to focus on how each can be drastically different, infusing each with the ever-important “WOW factor”. We know you already have a strong collection of USPs and think these two will be great additions to that list. We are excited to see how your team continues raising the bar and blowing away the competition!

Excellent work, Adams Community!!

Download submission (pdf)


We think your Quick Start program is a great idea and provides an excellent building block for a new USP! We are very impressed with the implementation plan you have laid out for the program. With such a strong plan, we challenge your team to raise the bar even further in creating the “WOW factor”. How could you position this training program as drastically different from any of your competitors’ training programs?

With your already strong list of USPs, this Quick Start program will be a powerhouse addition for your team to use to bring in all your customers’ business and all of their friends!

Way to go, MetaBank!!
Download submission – Current USPs (pdf )
Download submission – New USPs (pdf )