Who Made Up THAT Rule? [VIDEO]

Everyone has patterns of disbelief.

Some people believe that in politics, there is one side or the other, and they’re unwilling to look at the alternative. Still others believe that the moon is made of cheese.

You may have a belief system that’s true. You may have a belief system that’s not true. And the question that we have to look at as an executive is, “what has to be true for us to challenge what we believe to be true?”

You see, there are many beliefs within our industry right now, such as, in order to have a higher net interest margin you must have more risk.

Who made up that stupid rule?

Why would we be unlike any other industry whereby they can achieve a higher premium pricing by taking themselves out of the commodity approach that they had been using. Of course, that is possible, but not if we don’t believe it’s true.

Many people believe that loans are hard, that deposits are hard to get, that it’s hard to get premium pricing, that it’s hard to get the executives to follow the strategic plan and get everybody aligned with it, it’s hard to get everybody knowing how they tie to profit.

And when we believe that to be true, it leads us to the question, “what do you have to do to challenge your beliefs and be open to a new set of beliefs?” Because that is what we, as executives, must do in order to stay on top of the pile.

– Roxanne Emmerich

Please watch the video above and share it with your exec team and board.

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