5 must-do-now strategies to growing core deposits

Interest rates are on the rise…

There is a growing need to get and keep quality deposits in order to weather the next storm.

Your traditional sales tactics won’t work.  There isn’t a fancy sales shtick that’s going to consistently pull in the million-dollar accounts that you need.  As you’ve probably figured out by now…

Sales is a system—not an art.

I’ve put together a short video with 5 must-do-now strategies. These strategies will help you begin reeling in and keeping those A+ quality credits.

Today’s video is a great tool to get started.

But a good start is nothing more than…well…a good start.

If you’re looking to secure and keep quality accounts, then you will need more than a good start.

That’s why I’ve put together a FREE masterclass called The Coming Core Deposit Crackdown.  

Register for this FREE masterclass if you’re interested in Discovering:

  • The real depth of the threat to your bank:after all, progress begins by telling the truth about where you are today.
  • The three criteria regulators are keyed in on,and how you can quickly create a plan to proactively improve each one.
  • The secret method our clients have been using for 25-years to systematically grab the most profitable, stickiest, core deposits in every marketthey operate in.
  • The two biggest obstacles to getting profitable core deposits today and how you can overcome them.
  • The five biggest industry myths about how to “sell” deposit accounts.


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