Increase your ROA, capture profit-rich clients, and transform your work culture with Roxanne Emmerich’s Breakthrough Banking™ Blueprint Conference

“We have seen a significant increase in our cross-sales since implementing your proven sales process we learned about at [this event]. We have increased from a team-wide average of less than 3 to finishing 2020 at 5.91. We have also seen individual teammates grow from being fearful of “sales” to routinely building customer trust resulting in individual cross-sales of +10!”

—D. John
Immediate President & CEO, Minnesota National Bank

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Now I know how to
win ‘A+’ clients”

$14M in low-cost
deposits from 5 new A+
quality clients in 60 days”

ROI was through
the roof”

Recession? Not for you.

This is YOUR time…to pull ahead.

Challenging times are proven as the times to pull ahead. History shows…fortunes are made during recessions. While your competitors are licking their wounds and “contracting,” it’s your time to snap up their low-cost deposits and seize your competitor’s best customers.

But not if you have “order takers” in front of your customers and prospects—that gig is up.

Let’s face it. There’s little you can do to save the economy at large but you do have the ability to make a major dent in bringing on those deposits that are moving, paying less for those, AND pull away those quality loans that you didn’t have a chance of capturing for years.


A 2-DAY INTENSIVE where your bank executives will walk away with secret-weapon strategies to revolutionize sales culture, grow quality loans safely and consistently, and improve EVERY metric


Nov 15-16




This is a must attend event for executives, presidents, vice presidents, and board members. Send a big enough team so you can return to your bank and hit the ground running.

Complimentary to member client CEOs and Senior Execs who have previously attended.

“I wish I would have done this 30 years ago when I started my banking career.”

– K. Brown

Vice President, First National Bank

When You Attend the Breakthrough Banking Blueprint Conference, You Will:

Discover how engaging employees can increase productivity by almost 35%.

Transform your team from order takers to winning salespeople.

Create a retail system that doubles new account cross-sales within 90 days.

Close over 90% of loans that make it to loan committee.

Follow the 7-Step-No-More-Order-Taking Sales™ System and turn your most profit-rich clients into your power advocates.

Your Guide to Winning

The New Game of Banking

Nobody has helped more banks get to top-of-peers status than Roxanne Emmerich. One CEO client referred to her as a “one-woman economic recovery program.”


Roxanne is The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and international bestselling author of Thank God It’s Monday!® as well Profit-Growth Banking, Net Interest Margin Solution, and her newest release, The Breakthrough Banking Blueprint.

She is also editor-in-chief of Extraordinary Banker® magazine, which has a readership of 15,000 board members and executives from the best banks in the country.

Thought Leader

Roxanne is the Founder and Chair of The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™ and creator of the Banky™ Award—the highest designation for results-oriented elite community banks of America. Her Best Banks in America™ Super Conference consistently receives rave reviews as the best conference for elite, results-oriented, ambitious bank executives and board members.


Roxanne is a CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame® inductee, a distinguished alumna of the University of Wisconsin, and recipient of the prestigious Nido Qubein Philanthropist of the Year award for her ongoing work to build schools in Africa.


Roxanne is CEO of The Emmerich Group®. For the last three decades, Roxanne and her team have helped hundreds of banks transform their performance to get to top 5% performance and, more importantly, stay there. Successful Meetings magazine listed her as one of the top three speakers in the country on organizational culture.

And at the Breakthrough Banking™ Blueprint Conference,
she’ll ignite a transformation in your bank that will take you to
aspirational and results-oriented performance levels.