Recession over? YOU Decide.

There is speculation that the Mongolian goat rodeo in the economy is over. It may be. And for many banks, it was the best time ever—a time of extraordinary breakthroughs and results.

And what a time of opportunity!

Think about it this way. Imagine that none of your people were calling on your customers and coddling them through the recession. Imagine nobody was calling on your prospects.

You don’t need to imagine for long, because that was the case for almost all of your competitors who didn’t understand the lesson we learned from the plate spinner on Ed Sullivan—after the first plate is up in the air, you’ve got to KEEP it up there!

Sure, there are bad loans to clean up… AND there is never a better time to pick up deposits and great quality loans. Well, the opportunities aren’t over yet, but it’s time to MOVE.

Although the commercial real estate challenges will still distract us, NOW is the time to get everyone and everything focused on gathering extremely profitable and safe clients. Period. They’ve never been more willing to move, so you better get moving too.

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