Bank Survival Strategies
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Hang on to Deposits, Keep All Your Customers, Master Revenue Sources, Get Your Team Massively Focused on Profitable Revenue to Avoid Employee Layoffs, Selling your Bank or Other Potential Disasters!

An On-Demand Virtual Summit for Bank CEOs, Executive Teams, and Boards to Identify and Execute the Actions that will Preserve and Grow Revenue, Get and Keep Your Team Focused on the Right Activities, and Prevent Customers from Walking Out the Door with Your Loans and Deposits Right Now.


"This was, by far, the most helpful and inspiring session on leadership in times of crisis that I've experienced. We have an actionable plan to focus our company and customers forward and pull ahead."

P. Steele, CEO, First Volunteer Bank

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic.Peter Drucker

Every bank will be seriously impacted by both the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial crisis that has begun and will follow. It’s not your fault.

It is your responsibility though, as a leader, to massively and immediately expand consciousness and capabilities to meet the new demands and seize the day, while most banks go into contraction/reaction mode.

Sadly, many banks will fail.

Many more will barely hang on until the end of this crisis or will be acquired by a stronger competitor—losing their independence.

But some will survive and emerge victorious and even stronger. They will gain market share when others recoil.

They will accelerate revenue growth and develop by concentrating their focus on and increasing their abilities to develop more profitable and safe revenue, as others just hope to stop the bleeding.

They will be the acquirers—building and growing their way through this.

The real question is simple—which group do you choose to be in—the group that survives and comes out stronger, or the group that disappears?

Of course, the answer is obvious. But are your actions reactionary, or are you taking this time to transform your strategies, capabilities, and ingenuity about how to produce revenue while making an even -bigger impact?

You may believe that this is all something that’s happening to you. And it is…yet, you still have control over how you and your team respond. What you do, the decisions you make, and how your team acts right now will determine whether your bank survives, thrives or dies.

I despise putting it that way, but that’s the truth, and at some level, you know it too.

Since the pandemic hit, I’ve been gathering our client bank CEOs together via Zoom to develop action plans on proven systems that work during difficult times to get them in the right mindset to lead and to put their teams into action on optimized activities to defend their deposits.

They need workable plans, so they don’t have to match rates and a strategy to keep the revenue machinery in gear. This is what most banks neglect during challenging times.  

Our mission, for the last 30 years, has been to save and strengthen community banks. We are expanding rapidly due to the extreme demand.

Many of our member clients told us after the last recession that they hate to think what would have happened to them without The Emmerich Group guiding them through it. Many are now some of the top performers in their state…

And one even called Roxanne Emmerich a “One Woman Economic Recovery Program.”

During unprecedented times, the most important thing you can do is get the questions right…

  • How will you manage and make sure your current customers don’t go running away during this time, taking your best loans and deposits with them?
  • How will you continue to create even more revenue with rates at zero?
  • How do you identify your competitors who are most likely to go out of business or destroy their franchise by focusing on cutting costs, while you create and execute strategies to pull away their best customers at premium pricing?
  • How do you make your culture even stronger as a result of this, as opposed to having a team paralyzed in fear with “learned helplessness” that keeps them from taking massive right actions?
  • How will you make decisions about your strategic investments going forward to ensure that you’re investing in the things that will keep you ahead of the pack?
  • How do you improve the outputs of your team members, when your managers have no experience managing a work-from-home workforce?
  • How will you handle increasing burdens from regulators without getting so distracted that you fail to advance the organization’s focus on stable revenue?

We are offering a first-of-its-kind on-demand virtual summit for bank CEOs, executives, and board members. Now is the time to identify and execute the actions that will preserve and grow revenue, get and keep your team focused on the right activities, and prevent competitors from stealing your customers with better rate offers.  

You have a choice right now. You can calmly direct next-best-actions at this vital turning point or you can go into and stay in reaction mode.

 The choice matters more now than ever.  Which path do you choose?

"The Bank Survival Strategies Virtual Summit was invaluable."

K. Knudsen, CEO Security Bank

"The Summit provided actionable take-aways to help us re-focus our energy to ensure we emerge out of this challenging time stronger than ever and continue providing great value to our customers and communities."

M. Mrozinski, SVP West Shore Bank

Bank Survival Strategies Virtual Summit
Now Available On-Demand

A Virtual Summit for Bank CEOs, Executive Teams, and Boards to Identify and Execute the Actions that will Preserve and Grow Revenue, Get and Keep Your Team Focused on the Right Activities, and Prevent Customers from Walking Out the Door with Your Loans and Deposits Right Now.

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