June 6-7, 2024 | St. Louis, MO

NOW is the Time to Gain a Competitive Advantage:
WIN the Battle for Deposits, Conquer NIM Compression, and Rise Above Competition

Increase Your ROA, Capture Profit-Rich Clients, and Transform Your Work Culture with the Breakthrough Banking™ Blueprint Conference

Many banks are battling against their competitors’ absurd deposit rate offers.

Many bankers are, sadly, trapped in their old ways of doing things and mystified about why it’s not working. In the ever-evolving landscape of banking, the competition for deposits and the fight against NIM compression has intensified, presenting both danger and enormous potential for those who know how to navigate it. It has been a battle for deposits and regulators are coming in “guns ablazing.” Add to that the challenges of finding and keeping good people, NIM compression, and let’s just say, this game just got a whole lot harder. High-performing banks are not exempt from these and other challenges the banking industry is facing. A report published in March 2023 on the Social Science Research Network highlighted that a total of 186 banks in the United States are currently exposed to potential risk of failure, which might result in losing independence.

The fight for deposits and against NIM compression is crushing the soul of many bankers.

YOU CAN WIN these battles. This is YOUR TIME to pull ahead.

History shows that fortunes are made during difficult economic times.

Challenging times are proven as the times to pull ahead. History shows that fortunes are made during recessions and difficult economic times. Amidst fierce competition, the banks that adeptly maximize their deposit potential while strategically managing deposit costs are the ones that will emerge as trailblazers.

While your competitors are licking their wounds and shutting off or down the loan production spigot, it’s your time to snap up their low-cost deposits and seize your competitors’ best customers.

But the real question is, do your people really know how?

Same ol’ same ole won’t cut it.

$2 million to $3 million checking account

“In our first year, we had almost 18% core deposit growth.

Now my team brings in a $2 million to $3 million checking account every single week using what you taught us.”

— C. Holland, Chief Executive Officer
Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass
2022 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™️ Award Winner
2023 Institute for Extraordinary Banking
™️ Hall of Fame Inductee

If you're still struggling with intense competition and you've done everything you could but haven’t yet made it to the top 5% of peers, it’s not your fault.

Nobody told you how to do what they’re doing.

For the last 25+ years, Roxanne and her team have been humbled to have taken more banks into the top 1% and 5% of performance than anyone else.

Roxanne and her team worked as Edison in the laboratory, with sleeves rolled up alongside over 300 banks, through booming economies and through the depths of the Great Recession, experimenting, testing, and refining the secret code used by the most profitable banks in the country.

Roxanne and her team refined the best franchise systems through A/B split testing:

Finally, we will reveal a solution where your bank can take immediate action and receive immediate ROI. ​

Are you ready to secure your bank’s position as a leader in the industry? Are you prepared to rise above the challenges and seize unprecedented growth opportunities? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then you’re in the right place.

If you’ve been waiting, the wait is over. This is it! Waiting is no longer an option.

Now, at great personal risk of angering our private clients, (who prefer we to keep this close to the vest), we are going to unveil our most guarded strategies, cures if you will, for your bank to receive immediate ROI.

June 6-7, 2024 | St. Louis, Missouri

The Breakthrough Banking™ Blueprint Conference is a special event, crafted to unveil the strategies smart banks employ in challenging times.

We’ve worked with over 300 of the most elite, ambitious, results-oriented banks, revered by other bank CEOs in their states. Most have been recognized as the “best place to work” in their state, and many have catapulted performance to the top 5% of peers.

There are 27 KEY PROCESSES you must master to become a top 5% community bank…

Discover them at the all-new Breakthrough Banking™ Blueprint Conference. These are not the same tired old bank “strategies” with new fancy names and new “attitude,” as if that has ever worked. This is truly a blueprint to build the bank you’ve always envisioned under your watch.

Immerse yourselves in a 2-DAY INTENSIVE event on June 6-7, 2024, in St. Louis, Missouri, where your bank executives will walk away with secret-weapon strategies to revolutionize a high-profit sales culture, grow low-cost deposits and quality loans safely and consistently, and improve EVERY metric.

Can you afford to attend? The real question is: Can you afford not to?

As a bank executive, you deserve more than just status quo. Here are 11 reasons why the Breakthrough Banking™ Blueprint Conference is the event you can’t afford to miss:

  1. As a CEO or bank executive, you’ve given the culture of excuses a good try. Now you’ve decided this “results” thing is worth looking into.
  2. You want to never, ever, (ever, ever) EVER match rates (ever) again!!!
  3. Your workplace feels like adult daycare with whining, gossip, and excuses. Your pacifier budget is all tapped out. It’s past time to “open a can of grown-up” and start having some REAL fun making miracles happen!
  4. You’re ready to cheat off the papers of smart bankers who are busting through this economy with “right-on” marketing—they’re unstoppable, they mean business…and (except for that one guy) they’re nice!
  5. The last time you let yourself have fun was the office Christmas party in 1988 that we agreed not to talk about.
  6. You want to learn how one of the private bankers who attended this event applied the process she learned to cross-sell without paying up and got 13 cross-sales in her very first conversation—11 more than her previous high!
  7. You have “energy vampires” in your organization sucking the life out of your bottom line—and you’re looking for some garlic. Maybe even a wooden stake. We’ve got ‘em.
  8. You know that “If it feels like sales, you’re doing something wrong”— and you want to know the RIGHT way to create massive sales!
  9. DEPOSITS, DEPOSITS, DEPOSITS! You want to find out how one bank, using this process, picked up more in commercial deposits in a few short months than they had in the previous 10 years combined!
  10. You’re tired of trial and error… of long days and sleepless nights. You need a template that works and you need it NOW!
  11. You’ve read the research about how 90% of people perform and believe they perform in the top 10%, but you don’t know how to tell your people what top performance looks like. And so, therefore, they’re working hard but not smart.

This isn’t just another event—it’s your opportunity to gain valuable skills, enhance your performance, and transform your bank’s reputation in the industry. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative experience!

When You Attend the
Breakthrough Banking™ Blueprint Conference,
You Will:

You’ll essentially walk away with the blueprint you always wished you’d had—the one that has catapulted banks to the top of their peer group for decades.

Want Results Like These?

The fastest-growing and most profitable banks in America applaud the
Breakthrough Banking™ Blueprint Conference as a cornerstone program for their executive teams and boards if they’re serious about pulling ahead to top-of-peer results.

“Before The Emmerich Group, we were a really good bank with great numbers. Now, after a few short years, we have grown 66%, achieved a 37% ROE, and just hit the second-highest culture score in the nation. I could not be more pleased.”

— C. Burson, President & CEO
Valley Bank of Commerce

“We just closed 35 of our Top 100 prospects for 2023 and we just started August. Doing this has allowed us to catapult our NIM to 5.4 – we get the premium price every time we ask for it and always on the best-quality customers.”

— C. Floyd, Chief Executive Officer
Dream First Bank

“I’ve attended FOUR times, sent ALL my managers, and we have experienced more growth since implementing what we’ve learned than in the previous five years combined! The growth of deposits and loans can only be described as a miracle and profits are up 44%. We just hit a ROA of 2.4.

— P. Steele, Chief Executive Officer
Builtwell Bank

Your Ultimate Guide to Winning THE NEW GAME OF BANKING

Nobody has helped more banks get to top-of-peer status than Roxanne Emmerich and her team.

During the Great Recession, One CEO client referred to Roxanne as a “one-woman economic recovery program.”


Roxanne is The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and international bestselling author of Thank God It’s Monday!® as well as Profit-Growth Banking, Net Interest Margin Solution, and her newest release, The Breakthrough Banking Blueprint.

She is also editor-in-chief of Extraordinary Banker® magazine, which has a readership of 15,000 board members and executives from the best banks in the country.


Roxanne is the Founder and Chair of The Institute for Extraordinary Banking and creator of the Banky Award—the highest designation for results-oriented elite community banks of America. Her Best Banks in America Super Conference consistently receives rave reviews as the best conference for elite, results-oriented, ambitious bank executives and board members.


Roxanne is a CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame® inductee, a distinguished alumna of the University of Wisconsin, and recipient of the prestigious Nido Qubein Philanthropist of the Year award for her ongoing work to build schools in Africa.


Roxanne is CEO of The Emmerich Group®. For the last three decades, Roxanne and her team have helped hundreds of banks transform their performance to get to top 5% performance and, more importantly, stay there. Successful Meetings magazine listed her as one of the top three speakers in the country on organizational culture.