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TEG Programs

A 6.7 average for cross-sales

“For a team that didn’t ever think about sales before a year and a half ago, that’s wonderful. The average for cross-sales for our whole team is 6.7 and have had individuals as high as 12.

M Scheopner

S. Jones

Chief Executive Officer, Home State Bank

A record year for earnings and growth.

“Over the last decade as an Emmerich Group client, we have more than doubled assets while becoming very profitable. We look like we’ll end the year with a 5 NIM and a 2 ROA. We had a record year for earnings and growth.”

M Scheopner

P. Steele

Chief Executive Officer, Builtwell Bank
TEG Programs

Grow your community bank into a TOP 5 PERCENTer™

And our mission is to get you there


In community banking, having good people is simply not enough. The Emmerich Group gives you the guidance, training and proven systems to move your bank to a whole new level – To join the ranks of the elite TOP 5 PERCENTERS™.

No One Has Helped More Banks Get to the Top 5%

For more than 30 years we have acted as an extended executive team for hundreds of community banks. We have made high performance into the basic standard practice of the industry’s elite. Are you ready for the next level?

Hundreds of community banks prove the point

Our banking advisory organization offers a customized-to-you approach that integrates and addresses all the disparate elements critical to your bank’s results. To serve you best, strong systems are far from static and carved in stone. Your systems must adapt to environmental changes. Because the foundational principles that underpin them remain clear and unchanging, the system will flourish in every new incarnation.

Trusted Advisor Certification™ Program

Take your team through the Trusted Advisor Certification™ Program and:

  • Up-level their people skills and abilities to generate unshakeable loyalty, add massive value, and secure the full relationship with your most profitable customers
  • Make your customers rave that your team members are the only bankers they will ever want
  • Eliminate the discussion about rates and forever cease reducing you to commodity pricing
  • Build trust and connection with both prospects and customers so that your team members become indispensable guides
  • Earn additional customer deposits because of the indisputable value your team brings
  • Create such good results that your customers develop BRAND INSISTENCE, demanding that you’re the ONLY banker they will ever use

That’s what the Trusted Advisor Certification Program is all about.

Trusted Advisors…YOUR experts with real skills helping real people grow their assets and create a future.

TEG Program Testimonial

The Trusted Advisor Certification™ Program

Your clients want safety and security. How can you help them achieve that? Simple – train your team and convert your executives and senior managers into their most Trusted Advisors.

TEG Program Testimonial

Management Development Certification™ Program

What if your team members, managers and executives all knew how their daily activities tie directly into profit? How much faster would that get you to becoming a Top 5 Percenter™?

TEG Program Testimonial

High-Performance Executive Development™ Program

To become a TOP 5 PERCENTER™, you need full transparency and honest feedback. Have you created a safe space for your team? Small changes over time lead to enormous results for your community bank.

TEG Programs

Elite Performance Accelerator

Successful banking is now harder than ever. True leadership is at a premium. What are you doing to train your team to embrace accountability and become a results-oriented, high-performance culture?

TEG Program Testimonial

Accredited Banking Professional™ Certification

If 87% of your customers lose you money, isn’t it more important than ever to bring in affluent customers without focusing on rate? What if you could easily identify and go after your competitors’ top 100 most profitable clients and know you will win them 85-90% of the time in two short meetings?

TEG Program

The Emmerich Group Mystery Shopping Program

Are you currently holding managers accountable for the Mystery Shopping scores of your team members? Isn’t it time to increase your sales and build your bank into a TOP 5 PERCENTER™?

The Emmerich Group Events

Breakthrough Banking™ Blueprint Conference

What if your team LOVED Mondays? Is that even possible? You bet it is! Discover how to transform your workplace into a Thank God It’s Monday powerhouse.

The Emmerich Group Events

Best Banks in America™ Super Conference

What if you could join the highest-performing bankers in the country in one place at one time? What if they shared their success secrets for you to bring back to your bank?

The Emmerich Group Events

Permission to be Extraordinary® Summit

Take your senior executives on an incredible journey of experiences, ideas and challenges that will catapult you to new heights and levels of success.