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Success leaves clues and thirty years of proven results with the highest performing banks in the country provides a clear and detailed roadmap for you to build equal levels of success.
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Take traditional and established methods that no longer yield real results and turn them upside down. Your newly developed leaders will lead the way.

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Develop your managers to connect team members to profit

With the Management Development Certification Program, you can expect an 80-90% increase in efficiencies across your managerial team by the second year in the program. When they understand how to track each team members’ efforts, and how they tie directly to profits, they are empowered to make decisions to boost your bottom line immediately.

Tie Your Team to Results

Make sure your managers fully understand how every team member ties to profit every week.

Eliminate Middle Management Breakdown

Close the gap and eliminate the disconnect between the executive team and your front line.

Live Your Values Daily

Couple your values with quantifiable & measurable behaviors that your team members live daily.

Hire Only A-Players

Implement the systems to recruit and bring on only the best of the best people without excuses.

Innovate and Optimize

Stop “same ol’, same ol'” management and reach for best in class practices and systems consistently.

Align Your Cultural Systems

Enroll your managers in creating the culture that enrolls every single team member to desired results.
Roxanne Emmerich Permission To Be Extraordinary Conference

Roxanne says “Excellence happens at every level.”

Roxanne Emmerich taught incoming CEOs how to become a banking CEO at the Colorado School of Banking.

She was also the top-rated adjunct faculty member at the University of Wisconsin Management Institute where she taught executives of Fortune 500 companies for over 10 years.

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What Management Development Certification Program Participants Said

P. Tieskoetter, President and CEO, Eastwood Bank
“In the last six years of working with The Emmerich Group, we’ve grown from $264 to $555 million—an annual compounded growth rate of 11%, revenue grew from $12.2 million to $25 million, our employee engagement index is strong. Our net Promoter Score is 9.04. The annual strategic plans have really helped us stay focused. The key initiatives and key indicators we developed to measure our progress are extremely valuable to our senior management team.“
D. Pierce, COO, PBI Bank
“We actually had an employee who said before we implemented the new culture initiatives adding fun and appreciation, that she did not enjoy her job and was suffering from depression over the loss of a relative among other things. A couple of months after our program was in full force, she wrote to me saying her entire life had been transformed. She was now happy, enjoying her work, and just enjoying life again—she attributed it to the culture change sweeping our company”
B. Monts, President, Hoosier Heartland State Bank
“Before The Emmerich Group we had great people, but we didn’t have an accountability culture. Now, 79% of our employees are at target or above on their critical drivers.”
D. Lykes, Banking Officer Commercial Lending, Coppermark Bank
“I thought I was the best employee doing the best job possible and there was no way I could do better – I was so wrong – I found my ‘aha’ moment.”
S. Hovell, Senior Vice President, Merchants National Bank
“This program helped give me a “hands on” experience in planning, delivering and coaching that really results in behavior changes—not just for the time in the session, but actual on-the-job changes.”
C. Floyd, CEO & President, First National Bank of Syracuse #2 on 2016 SNL Top 100 under $1 Billion, 3-Time Banky™ Award Winner
“I confess—for quite a few years we’ve been running a small fire department at this bank as it applied to growing the bank. Having a fire break out, reacting to the bell like Pavlov’s dogs, racing to the fire and calling in some outside firefighters to help, and usually putting it out—only to have another one erupt and, ultimately, the same problem burst into flames again.

It took a while to actually admit there might be another way. When we began working with Roxanne, for the first time, I saw a genuinely different, organized approach. We got buy-in for and installed procedures that worked and kept working. As a consequence, we hit our goals for next year a year earlier—all in one year! And we had one guy who far exceeded the chart of what we thought was possible! But honestly, I feel this is just the beginning.”

For more information, call us at (952) 737-6730