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Trusted Advisor Certification™ Program

That’s what the Trusted Advisor Certification Program is all about

“Trusted Advisors”…YOUR experts with real skills helping real people grow their assets and create a future.

“Ever since I’ve been applying the Trusted Advisor Certification™ process from Emmerich, now I almost never have to talk about rates anymore."

B. Cruz

Vice President, Bank of Guam

“My team brings in a $2 million to $3 million checking account every single week using what you taught us.”

C. Holland

Chief Executive Officer, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass

Management Development Certification™ Program

Thirty years of working with the highest-performing banks in the country leaves a few clues. By the second year of this program, your executives will be better than 95% of anyone in the field.

High-Performance Executive Development™ Program

You want outstanding leadership.

Roxanne taught the program to incoming CEOs at the Graduate School of Banking, including how to become executives in
high-performing organizations.


"As a direct result of the Executive Development Program, we’ve experienced a much higher level of accountability within our executive team and senior leaders. That’s created big results for the bank—one of our most successful years ever."

 L. Harrison

President & CEO, Virginia Partners Bank

“We not only met EVERY goal in ALL our branches, but we exceeded many of our goals by 100 percent! Our entire organization acts like a team! I can’t imagine any banker who wouldn’t want this.

C. Hoffman

Chief Executive Officer, Richwood Bank

Breakthrough Banking Performance Culture™ Program.
(By Application Only)

As we become an extension of your executive team, we have strict limitations on how many banks we take on. Candidate banks are accepted through application or nomination only.

Local Video Market Dominator Program

You deserve to dominate your market.

Through video content marketing you can educate prospects and current clients about all of your services to increase revenues and profits. You send social signals to search engines that drive you to #1 in your market and get you the majority of high-quality leads–people actively searching for what you offer.

“In less than 6 months with this program, we surged to #1 in the search engines for over 30 different keywords — and had a record breaking revenue month in December, usually one of our slowest months.”

J. Lynch

Managing Partner

“We have seen a significant increase in our cross-sales since implementing your proven sales process we learned about at [this event]. We have also seen individual teammates grow from being fearful of “sales” to routinely building customer trust resulting in individual cross-sales of +10!”

D. John

Immediate Past President & CEO, Minnesota National Bank

Accredited Banking Professional™ Certification Program

You bet it is and it happens to our clients all the time.

CEOs refer to the graduates of this program as “super bankers.” They bring in large accounts at premium pricing with unprecedented close rates.