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Watch your team members morph from timid order takers into high performing sales professionals who close deals, make cross-sales and bring in low cost deposits as a matter of course.
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Discover how to transform your current executives into Accredited Banking Professionals™ that consistently and organically bring more assets to your bank. By acting as financial guides, these certified professionals become entrusted with ever increasing responsibilities, decision making and financial planning for all their customers.

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Beat your desperate competitors and take away their business at will

Turn average performers into top tier professional through the Accredited Banking Professional Certification™ Program. Convert passive gatherers into active hunters who deliver.

Identify Top Prospects

Embrace and deploy the system to rapidly find the top 100 competitor prospects to target.

Cut Out The Rate Conversation

Focus on bringing value so that you command premium pricing without any rate objection.

Bring In Low-cost Deposits

Watch your deposits soar as your team members organically double and triple their production.

Pick Off Your Competition

Teach team members the winning playbook so that you win over competitors’ clients consistently.

Close 85-90% Of All Deals

Close business at will, even when prospects claim to love their current bank.

Cultivate "Super Bankers"

Give your team the confidence and skill set to truly serve clients and become trusted financial advisors.
Roxanne Emmerich Permission To Be Extraordinary Conference

Roxanne says “Turn bankers into Accredited Banking Professionals™”

Roxanne Emmerich taught incoming CEOs how to become a banking CEO at the Colorado School of Banking.

She was also the top-rated adjunct faculty member at the University of Wisconsin Management Institute where she taught executives of Fortune 500 companies for over 10 years.

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What Accredited Banking Professional Certification™ Program Participants Said

B. McTucker, Vice President of Deposits, Farmers State Bank
“This program literally saved MY LIFE! If you need a new feeling of self-worth then this program is for you. I sat behind my work desk for years and I literally felt my life draining from me…. And then The Emmerich Group came along and gave back my feeling of self-worth and the confidence to go along with it. In short, I’ve become a new person! Thank you Roxanne Emmerich for everything!”
C. Frizzell, Assistant Vice President, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass
“As I became more confident in the system, I was able to close two large deals. One deal closed with Premium Pricing of .80% higher than another proposal due to our value-added services.”
C. Walker, Vice President Relationship Banker, First National Bank of Carmi
“I have been in banking a long time and have received a lot of good training throughout my career, but nothing has compared to the training I received through the ABP course. I truly wish I would have had this training years ago. the Advance Sales Conversation is a game changer!!! I would encourage everyone in a sales position regardless of the length of time on the job to take this course. I cannot thank my employer enough for providing me with this opportunity!”
D. Kinnard, Vice President, West Shore Bank
“Participating in the ABP Program with the Emmerich Group has not only improved my performance but that of my teammates. The saying “a rising tide lifts all boats” has became our reality. The ABP Program gave me the tools and confidence I needed to close big deals, and has given those around me an increased sense of drive to keep up! Our CEO has even enrolled in the class.”
E. Davis, Regional Vice President, Richwood Bank
“The Accredited Banking Professional Program has given me the tools and confidence needed to be successful in the business banking industry. I went into the class not knowing where to begin when having conversations with business owners and now I know how to win the “A” clients with the steps I’ve learned through the program. I am able to speak intelligently with my peers and even give them pointers on how to improve their sales strategy. I would recommend everyone take this program, newcomers and veterans alike.”
F. Capuano, Assistant Vice President, , Virginia Partners
“Success for me as an Accredited Banking Professional graduate is having the confidence to go out and talk to any level of business owner and get their business. I wish I would have done this 30 years ago when I started my banking career.”
K. Brown, Vice President, First National Bank of Syracuse
“Everything really comes together and the more you practice, the more natural it will feel. The aces and pains are so critical. Practice makes perfect.”
L. Smith, Loan Officer, Richwood Bank
“The Accredited Banking Professional program has been truly inspiring to me. As a banker for more than 25 years, it transformed the way I approached a prospective client in ways that seem very natural. Placing the focus on the customer rather than our stuff” really changes the nature of the conversation in a way that I’m excited to start using. Creating the value interpretation up-front is a whole new way of approaching the prospect that I know they will appreciate and respect and will get the topic off of rates and center the conversation on value and solutions.”
M. Traeger, Chief Lending Officer, Minnesota Bank
“This isn’t a program to take lightly. It will test you and make you rethink the process, however, it will also help you bring in big deals. It will make you a giant asset to your bank, and that seems to make it worth it.”
M. Goble, Universal Banker, First Citizens National Bank
“ABP has taken me out of my shell and my comfort zone and I feel very powerful. Before I was not able to convert customers 100% of the time, now I’ve been able to ask for the business and convert 100%, so now I get all of their business.”
R. Rivera, Senior Vice President, First National Bank of Syracuse
“Emmerich provides a top to bottom solution for banks that lack the integrated and comprehensive system of defined actions required to assure sustained profit growth.”
C. Holland, Chief Executive Officer, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass, 2022 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™ Award Winner
“I have been so impressed with how our Accredited Banking Professionals have done with the sales process. They have quickly become nearly as proficient as our best commercial lenders. Their confidence is through the roof, and they are doing excellently.”
R. Criswell, Business Banking Specialist, C&N Bank
“The Accredited Banking Professional Program provides excellent training for various banking roles from a newly hired customer service representative to an experienced commercial lender. The program teaches financial acumen along with business development strategies to help arm you with the tools necessary to be successful. The skills you will learn will help you secure and develop profitable business relationships!”
R. Hutchcraft, Vice President & Chief Lending Officer, Sterling Federal Bank
“I was selected to participate in this program and took that unique opportunity to embrace and drive changes thru the sales process. I now have the language and skills and ability to earn the business of top customers/prospects with confidence.”
L. Leverett, Senior Vice President, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass
“I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the ABP Executive program that I attended the past several months. As someone who has been a PRS manager over the past two years, it was an eye-opener for me to see how different it is to drill yourself versus being the one to critique the one drilling. In addition, I am confident that the techniques that I learned will be very helpful with my executive team sales calls being conducted. In conclusion, it is always worth my time to be involved with other exceptional executives within a program, and my group for this program were the cream of the crop. Thanks again for an excellent experience.”
C. Frizzell, Assistant Vice President, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass
“The Emmerich Group has made such a developmental change not only to me personally, but to our whole bank. Before TEG, I didn’t feel like I had the confidence to talk to larger business customers and feel confident in my conversations. After starting with TEG and going through their Accredited Banking Professional class, I now have the knowledge and confidence to have those conversations with those larger potential customers and to win their business for our bank!”
C. Floyd, President & CEO, Dream First Bank, #2 on 2016 SNL Top 100 under $1 Billion, 2019 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™ Award Winner, 2022 Institute for Extraordinary Banking™ Hall of Fame Inductee
“This program literally saved MY LIFE! I, for whatever reason, I always felt like I was placed on the ‘back burner.’ But thankfully I was given the opportunity to complete the ABP program and it has brought new opportunities to all of us here at FSB. Roxanne has taught us how to set goals that tie to our critical drivers and push our bank to the next level. The positivity and culture change that was brought to our organization has transformed our culture in ways we never thought possible, including valuable training to increase and enhance our job performance. Many thanks to Roxanne and her excellent staff.”
C. Holland, Chief Executive Officer, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass, 2022 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™ Award Winner
“I have been so impressed with how our Accredited Banking Professionals have done with the sales process. They have quickly become nearly as proficient as our best commercial lenders. Their confidence is through the roof, and they are doing excellently.”
A. Hellerman, Vice President, Minnesota National Bank
“We assumed that high performance was for ‘the other guys.’ Then we found the Blueprint and we skyrocketed from a bank that was battling for average to a high level of performance we never dreamed possible. It was a miracle. We had two individuals from our team who took the Accredited Banking Professional course and, while ‘practicing,’ brought in $20 million in deposits—$15 million of which were low-cost deposits. And we are hitting every single metric every single quarter—something we never did
before. I can’t imagine any bank that wouldn’t want to have this Blueprint. All of a sudden, we’re having a blast coming to work every day!”

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