You deserve to be among the industry’s best

You want a high-performance culture, effective sales systems and transformational skills for your team. You want high-ROI marketing that will bring in and close 85-90% of your most desirable prospects. You want to be in the TOP 5 PERCENT™ of your peers.

You also deserve respect and recognition for fighting the good fight. As a community bank, you contribute unique value and play a unique role in our local, state and national economic systems.

I'm just so sick and tired of matching rates

Desperate competitors offer crazy rates. Just because they’re willing to jump off the profit cliff to certain death, doesn’t mean you have to risk your very existence to match rates. Imagine that you can attract the best quality loans at extreme premium pricing and get all their business. It’s time to stop imagining. Join the top performing banks as a TOP 5 PERCENTER™.

I need low-cost, sticky deposits right now

Are you tired of preaching to your team about low-cost deposits? What if there was a far more effective way of acquiring them on a consistent and predictable basis? 87% of your customers lose you money and that should keep you up at night.

I want a culture that drives profit and growth

75% of American workers think they perform in the top 10% at their company or in their field. 68% think that they work harder than their cop-workers. At the same time, 84% believe that accountability builds a positive work culture. What are you doing to build yours?

I want more and better quality loan growth

Have you, like thousands of banks, tried sales training and had the same sorry result – exactly ZERO improvement in sales, or a quick bump, but no long-term stickiness to the gains? You’re not alone. You don’t have a sales problem. You have a confidence problem.  Imagine you could quickly grow loans with even better clients and get paid a premium on every new loan.

I can't stand that my people are still just order-takers

What if you could convert your order-takers and product sluggers into indispensable guides that become the go-to resource for your most affluent customers? What impact would that have on both your culture and your revenues?

I want to be a top 5 percenter

Too many bank strategic plans completely miss the boat. They are simply a list of to-dos with no system to drive accountability or implementation and results. Successful bank strategic plans integrate the movement of your key needles: cross-sales, loan to deposit ratio, net interest margin, efficiency ratio, and cost of funds. Discover how our elite member banks do this, every year, with a 1-page strategic plan that clearly ties every employee to their contribution to profit.

“You’re the only bank I ever want”

You deserve to hear that from every one of your customers. Picture the confidence and peace of mind that you’ll experience when you can count on positive – even dramatic – exponential growth. Our TOP 5 PERCENTER™ systems can take you from the bottom quartile performance to the TOP 5 PERCENT™even to #1 in your statein just a few years. When you integrate these systems into your bank you can expect immediate needle movement and unquestioned results and performance-cultural improvement within 30 to 60 days (and that’s just the start).

“We increased our average cross-sales ratio in 7 weeks from 2.9 to 5.1. In two years, loans are up 34%, assets are up 21%, and we’ve added 60 basis points to Net Interest Margin, but the really dramatic change is our cross-sales. We tripled cross-sales, from 2.9 to 8.4, on average across the bank—we view this as the ultimate vote of trust from our customers. It’s unbelievable, but very real.”


“We have seen a significant increase in our cross-sales since implementing your proven Retails Sales process. We have increased from a team-wide average of less than 3 to finishing 2020 at 5.91. We have also seen individual teammates grow from being fearful of “sales” to routinely building customer trust resulting in individual cross-sales of +10! Utilizing weekly huddles, our leaders follow the Retail Sales process with precision, leading to a deeper understanding that these are win-win interactions.”