We believe in the potential of every community bank.

It’s YOUR turn now to lead your peer group in the metrics that really matter. Join the hundreds of community banks who trust The Emmerich Group to transform their systems and people, leading to levels of performance they never thought possible.

Go from the bottom quartile to the top quartile and stay there. Most Emmerich Group clients get there in as little as three years.

You need an integrated, congruent system designed to take your bank to high performance —a system of subsystems that work together in perfect harmony to achieve sustained excellence.

Welcome To The Breakthrough Banking™ Formula

Used by 80% OF America’s Elite Top 100 Community Banks

Based on 30 years of research and work with the nation’s most admired, elite banks, Emmerich Groups Breakthrough Banking™ Formula is comprised of community banking performance secrets that put the most elite banks into the top 5% and keep them there.

Breakthrough Banking Formula

We bring your bank the Breakthrough Banking™ tools it needs

The Breakthrough Banking™ Blueprint

Your customized step-by-step system will show you how to:

  • Find and secure your top 100 best new customers to double profits without spending more on marketing.
  • Move from transactional to transformational banking and escape commoditization.
  • Provide excellent employee development while escaping the pitfalls that cause 95 percent of sales training attempts to fail, often creating a culture disaster.
  • Avoid the five biggest strategic planning mistakes that most banks make and almost never recover from.
  • Achieve stronger growth and profit with less risk.

The Breakthrough Banking™ Software

Achieving and maintaining top-tier performance is a relentless challenge. The Emmerich Group has distilled decades of expertise and success into a revolutionary tool: The Breakthrough Banking™ Software. This proprietary software drives the methodology that has propelled 80% of America’s elite top 100 banks to unprecedented success.

Transforming Banks, One Decision at a Time

The Breakthrough Banking™ Software demands a commitment to excellence. It guarantees that every decision made, from the executive level to the front lines, is informed, strategic, and aligned with the principles that consistently place banks in the top 5% of their peers.

Embrace the future of banking excellence with The Breakthrough Banking™ Software, and join the ranks of the TOP 5 PERCENTERS™.

We believe in the power of good systems

We offer 27 systems for doing literally everything in your bank. Every one of them has been split-tested and validated by TOP 5 PERCENTER™ banks. We can’t wait to share the ones that will make the biggest difference for you.

Our Breakthrough Banking™ systems are responsible for taking many of our clients from bottom-quartile performance to Top 5%—even #1 in their state—in just a few years.

When you integrate these systems into your bank, you can expect positive—even dramatic—needle movement, unquestioned results, and performance-cultural improvement within 30-60 days (and that’s just the beginning).

TEG Programs

“When we started with The Emmerich Group, cross-sales were in the 2s, and now we’re in excess of 5 on average across the company, with some banks well in excess of 7.”

M. Scheopner

Chief Executive Officer, Landmark National Bank
M Scheopner

“We’ve worked with The Emmerich Group for a little over a year now. In the past, we had tried implementing a sales program and didn’t get the results we wanted. Now, we’re taking the approach of identifying what the customer needs and then providing that to them. A year ago, we averaged 2.7 cross-sales per new account. Now we expect to finish out the current month averaging just under 7 – more than double… in a year!

S. Lewis

President & CEO, Thomaston Savings Bank