Sales and Marketing Bootcamp

Event: Sales and Marketing Bootcamp

In today’s banking world, where disruptive technologies and products threaten the very core of the OLD community banking model, innovation often means the difference between success and failure.

To get you to the right side of that thin line and to help bring you up to speed on how results-oriented banks are built to outlast change and volatility in the economy, we’re inviting you to come discover the secret of real innovation in community banking. Call it an innovation invitation.

Accelerated Core Deposit Growth Webinar

Event: Accelerated Core Deposit Growth Webinar

With competition coming from every angle to take away more of your deposits, it never been more critical to bring in and keep low-cost deposits with full relationships—even if you currently have enough liquidity and your cost of funds looks good.

During this complimentary webinar, you’ll discover the template that will help you create the same result that hundreds of banks have achieved. This is not a “mailing program” that costs money—this is a skillset template to elevate your team’s performance to go after and win more low-cost deposits.

Elite Strategic Planning Fundamentals Webinar

Event: Elite Strategic Planning Fundamentals Webinar

An authentic strategy creates results regardless of challenging times or limited resources. It is also continuously reinvented — the idea that past success predicts future success is naïve and flawed.

This is not the time to be reactionary. You can’t afford to think about strategic planning later on – you must be proactive in building a strategy that will carry you into 2022 with confidence, fend off predatory competitors, and ensure that your bank emerges stronger than ever.

Culture Mastery Webinar

Event: Culture Mastery Webinar

Believe it or not, some banks are celebrating cultural breakthroughs despite the volatile economy and less-than-ideal working conditions. Their executives understand that culture is about systems.

They know that a thriving culture is achieved when people are engaged, aligned and masterful at their craft. Banks thrive and outlast economic uncertainty by building a culture that ties each team member to profit on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

Results Rule Executive Development Webinar

Event: Results Rule Executive Development Webinar

It can be hard to move past long-held beliefs of how a bank executive should perform. To excel in 2021 and beyond, new beliefs need to be embraced and “soft skills” understood and utilized at all levels of the company.

During this complimentary webinar, Roxanne explains what it really takes to be a high-performance executive, based on her work with thousands of Fortune 500 executives and hundreds of the best-performing bank executives in the country.

Super Conference

Event: Super Conference

You can be immersed in the impending carnage within the banking industry or you can use it to your advantage. Through crisis comes opportunity. The banks that will survive are the ones whose executives change with the times and understand that standing still is the same as falling behind. What worked in the past does not work anymore.

The Best Banks in America Super Conference is a can’t-miss event for CEOs and executives who want to align their teams, stop relying upon what worked years ago, and get results right now. It’s where ambitious, elite, results-oriented bankers and influential keynote speakers gather to share powerful secrets of the new world of banking.

Permission to Be Extraordinary®

Event: Permission to Be Extraordinary®

Discover what your impact really could be!
Be prepared to challenge everything you thought you knew to be true about how to lead high-impact results.

Discover proven concepts to lead with power instead of force and create dramatic breakthroughs in your people and your organization.

We often forget who we really are and how powerful we can be when we lead from our center.

NOW is the time to focus, tap into the powers that brought you achievements in the past, and commit to success far beyond what you’ve achieved so far.