Because your business growth matters

At The Emmerich Group, your success is our success! Whether your biggest challenge is Cross-Sales, Net Interest Margin, Culture, or Strategic Planning, you now have the resources to get you to the top of your peer group. 

Because the banking business is getting tougher, your leaders need education and inspiration. Where do you get both? At Emmerich Group events! Explore your options to ignite your team.

Super Conference

Join the highest-performing bankers

Want to play a bigger game? Participate in the most exclusive gathering in the industry and discover the actions you can take to achieve even more elite banking performance and become a TOP 5 PERCENTER™.

The Breakthrough Banking Blueprint Conference

Transform your workplace

Develop a pipeline of high potential leads. Convert your people from order takers into business developers. Unleash secret-weapon strategies to revolutionize your sales culture and GROW DEPOSITS CONSISTENTLY. Learn how at the conference.

Permission To Be Extraordinary Summit

Ready for the next level?

Does the word “culture” resonate for you? Take your senior executives on an incredible journey of new experiences, ideas and challenges that will catapult you to new heights–and raise your organization’s success to the highest possible level.