“These Books Combined Are Like a Wizard’s Spells & Potions”

Nowhere Else Will You Find as Many Secrets to Banking Success

Your whole team needs to read these books if your best customers aren’t saying… “I don’t want to work with any other bank but you.”

Nobody has helped more banks reach the top 5% of performance and stay there than Roxanne Emmerich and her team. She is chair of The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™— home of the Banky™ Awards—and CEO of The Emmerich Group®.

Roxanne is The New York Times and international bestselling author of Thank God It’s Monday!®: How to Create a Workplace You and Your Customers Love, The Best Banks in America™, and The Net Interest Margin Solution as well as her latest book, The Breakthrough Banking Blueprint.

“In the last three years, the ‘Blueprint’ has helped us have a breakthrough we never dreamed possible. Assets have grown 44%, loan growth is up 64%, net income has doubled, AND we were ranked #2 by SNL for banks under $1 billion.

Best of all, we were named the 2019 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™. Our clients are thrilled to see what our bank in our small community has accomplished!”

—Chris Floyd, President & CEO, First National Bank of Syracuse#2 on 2016 SNL Top 100 Under $1 Billion; four-time Banky™ Award winner; awarded 2019 Extraordinary Bank of the Year ™ by The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™



Breakthrough Banking Blueprint:

The “Franchise” System to Get to Top-of-Peer Performance and Stay There

This book serves as the secret foundation for all top-performing community banks in the country. Discover the secrets of ambitious, elite, high-performance banks!

TGIM Book Cover

Thank God It’s Monday!®:


What’s the secret to getting your employees to put away their resume and tell the headhunters “No thanks, I love it where I am now”? Find out in this culture classic. Today’s #1 secret to profitability and performance.

The Best Banks in AmericaTM:

Inside this book, eight top-performing banks reveal in their own words how they achieved significant growth and profitability while improving every metric, skyrocketing loan quality and taking employee engagement and accountability to a level they never imagined possible.

The Net Interest Margin Solution:

How to Add 40-50 Basis Points in the Next 12 Months
The New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, Roxanne Emmerich, shows you why it is so important to CHANGE THE PRICING EQUATION, why. otherwise good banks are being crushed by net interest margin compression, and—more importantly, — how they can come off conqueror.