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When you become a Certified Trusted Advisor with real skills that help people grow their assets and build their future, you bring so much value that your customers will demand that you are the only banker they ever do business with.

Trusted Advisor Program

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Discover how to transform your current executives into Certified Trusted Advisors that consistently and organically bring more assets to your bank. By acting as financial guides, these certified professionals become entrusted with ever increasing responsibilities, decision making and financial planning for all their customers.

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Leverage the Trusted Advisor Certification™ Program For Your Bank

Turn executives into experts. Make them indispensable guides for your top customers. This program is reserved for executives looking to bring their game to the next level.

Eliminate Commodity Pricing

Master the strategy to never have to bring up rates again and still land all of the most profitable deals.

Master Transformational Banking

Uplevel your executives’ knowledge, skills and abilities to “own” every customer relationship and generate unshakeable loyalty.

Explore Hidden Secrets

In this comprehensive program, you will access proven techniques and strategies through multiple trainings.

Consistently Increase Deposits

Unleash the proven system to bring so much value that your customers move all of their deposits to you.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Conquer fears, concerns and anxiety about money and release any resistance to maximize the contribution your executives make to your customers.

Test For Empathy

Check for innate ability to communicate and connect with coworkers and customers to build a strong culture.
Roxanne Emmerich Permission To Be Extraordinary Conference

Roxanne says “Transform your order takers into trusted advisors.”

Roxanne Emmerich, Community Banking Industry Expert, was the top-rated adjunct faculty member at the University of Wisconsin Management Institute where she taught executives of Fortune 500 companies for over 10 years. She also taught incoming CEOs how to become a banking CEO at the Colorado School of Banking.

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What Trused Advisor Certification™ Program Participants Said

B. Cruz Floyd, Vice President, Bank of Guam
“Ever since I’ve been applying the Trusted Advisor process from Emmerich, now I almost never have to talk about rates anymore.” 
C. Floyd, President & CEO, Dream First Bank
“I can see that the Trusted Advisor Program is really growing our people.”
E. Dorian, President & COO, Main Street Bank
“[The] Trusted Advisor [Certification Program] has been an absolute game-changer due to the value we are providing for our customers! We’ve moved on from being order takers to having meaningful conversations that solve problems and raise the bar on guidance. My Trusted Advisors have now moved their cross-sales from 3.9 to 6.5 on average. Win-win all around!”
D. Driscoll, Vice President, Main Street Bank
“The most important thing I’ve seen [with the Trusted Advisor program] is the transformation of the individuals and how they feel about themselves. It just snowballs when they recognize the value they’re bringing.”
L. Oquendo, Vice President, Sterling Federal Bank
“The Trusted Advisor Certification Program opened up the eyes of our CSRs to say ‘Okay, I’m not just pushing products and services on my customers. I’m really trying to get to know them, understand them, and put a plan together to help them achieve the goals that they have for their future.”

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