Our Values

“Over the last decade as an Emmerich Group client, we have more than doubled assets while becoming very profitable. We look like we’ll end the year with a 5 NIM and a 2 ROA. We had a record year for earnings and growth.”

P. Steele

President & CEO,
First Volunteer Bank

 These Foundational Beliefs Drive Everything The Emmerich Group Does to Strengthen and Celebrate Community Banking

We believe in community banking and what it represents:

in a firm handshake and a direct look.
that your banker can be your best friend and your business’s most valuable partner.
in farmers, working moms, and bake sales on the weekends.
that banking never means boring and selling always means serving.
in the potential of people and the joy that comes from a job well done.
there’s nothing nobler than helping people feel safe and secure.
that dreams come true on Main Street.
that true wealth is the love of family, the civility of home, and a vacation with your kids.
that better banks deserve to be paid more.
community banks drive the heartbeat of America!

“Since working with you, we have a Net Promoter Score of 9.5 while the industry average is 8.1. We were just amazed. The hoopla and huddle effort is phenomenal.

Our team is amazed at the difference in the approach and effectiveness of this sales training. We put a sign on our door after the Kick Off that says, MetaBank, established 1954, reborn 9-14-11. Everybody that hit that back door had tears in their eyes. It was so moving because it was real to everyone. Like you said, the magic happens.”

-B. Koopman

Senior Vice President,

We believe in giving
back to our industry
and our world:

Roxanne Emmerich established The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™ in 2013 in response to the media in response to the media treating “banker” as a four-letter word and The Gallup Organization having singled out banking as the least-respected profession in the country. In her keynote from the stage at the 2011 American Banking Association Community Bankers’ Conference, she declared that she would take on the challenge of changing those wrong-headed opinions.

Her approach was simple—she would find and shine a bright light on the good work that people like YOU do every day.

“In the last three years, the ‘Blueprint’ has helped us have a breakthrough we never dreamed possible. Assets have grown 44%, loan growth is up 64%, net income has doubled, AND we were ranked #2 by SNL for banks under $1 billion. Best of all, we were named the 2019 Extraordinary Bank of the Year, and our clients are all thrilled to see what our bank in our small community has accomplished!”

-C. Holland

Chief Executive Officer,
Farmers State Bank

To support and develop the industry,
The Institute enlists The Emmerich Group
as its educational and certification arm.

The Institute:

Sponsors The Council™ CEO Roundtable—a “brain trust” of some of the highest-performing bank CEOs to serve as an informal board of directors for qualifying banks

Established the Trusted Advisor™ Certification Program, which helps bankers build trust and rapport with clients by providing wisdom and a follow-up system that helps build a resilient relationship with them and helps clients thrive financially.

Started the Accredited Banking Professional™ certification—the program proven to help executives, commercial lenders, wealth managers, and top retail people identify and pull in the most affluent clients at premium pricing. (Some of our clients call them their “Super Bankers.”)

Created The Banky Awards™ to recognize and celebrate the Best Banks in America™ as measured by customer service, culture, philanthropy, financial literacy, and business practices.

Just as the creators of great music are recognized at the GRAMMYs® and the creators of great theater are recognized at the Tony Awards®, the Bankys are the mark that smart consumers and businesses look to in finding the best bank in their area.

And every year, the Institute makes a $25,000 donation in the name of the overall winning bank in support of The Unstoppable Foundation, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that not only builds schools in Africa but provides the entire community with access to clean water and sanitation, food and nutrition, healthcare, and alternative income training for parents.

As of December 31, 2021, The Institute has made donations totaling almost a half of a million dollars in the names of Banky™ winners … funding 13 new schools.

“We paid for the full three-year program in the first month with a fee from a single client by following the new sales process we learned. We then went on to replicate those same results over and over again. But the real miracle is the transformation of our workplace culture.”

-J. J. Blake III

President and CEO,
Peoples State Bank

Finally, we believe in always learning more, doing more, and sharing more.

You’ll never find us resting on our laurels or
hitting cruise control.

We don’t just stay on top of industry trends… we stay ahead of them (and do
our best to shape them whenever possible).

But don’t take our word for it
– see us in action.