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BankShop Mystery Shopping
Our BankShop® Mystery Shopping Program focuses on the KPIs that move the needle. We tap into our database of over two decades of community bank mystery shops. You find out right away where you stand and how you can drive your performance to elite standards.
Trusted Advisor Program

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Focus on differentiating your offerings based on customer service, added value and gaps in customer experience. Once clear, establish your USPs to effectively highlight the features that set your bank apart. 

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Double your cross sales & command premium pricing

Most mystery shops do more damage than good and leave you with a pile of players that boils your blood every time you see it. It’s time for a radical change.

Build a power sales culture

Identify training needs to teach your team sales techniques that instantly impact your bottom line.

Assess Only What Matters

Streamline operations, reduce wait times and improve your customer experience.

From Cost to Profit Driver

Identify inefficiencies so you can capitalize on upselling opportunities during every customer interaction.

Create a sustainable system

Establish clear, measurable criteria to evaluate every interaction to maintain service excellence.

Increase Your Cross-Sales

Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your cross-selling to boost results across the board.

Stop Rate Shoppers in Their Tracks

Build personal connections and offer tailored financial advice to demonstrate value that neutralizes rate shopping.
Roxanne Emmerich Permission To Be Extraordinary Conference

Roxanne says “A well-trained team is a constant profit booster.

Roxanne Emmerich, Community Banking Industry Expert, was the top-rated adjunct faculty member at the University of Wisconsin Management Institute where she taught executives of Fortune 500 companies for over 10 years. She also taught incoming CEOs how to become a banking CEO at the Colorado School of Banking.

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What BankShop® Mystery Shopping Program Participants Said

Cody Burson, CEO, Valley Bank of Commerce
“Before The Emmerich Group, we were a really good bank with great numbers. Now, after a few short years, we have grown 66%, achieved a 37% ROE, and just hit the second-highest culture score in the nation. I could not be more pleased.”
D. John, Immediate Past President & Chief Executive Officer, Minnesota National Bank
“We have seen a significant increase in our cross-sales since implementing [the] proven 7-Step Retail Sales process [that we learned by attending]. We have increased from a team-wide average of less than 3 to finishing 2020 at 5.91. We have also seen individual teammates grow from being fearful of ‘sales’ to routinely building customer trust resulting in individual cross-sales of +10!”
P. Steele, Chief Executive Officer, Builtwell Bank
“I’ve attended FOUR times, sent ALL my managers, and we have experienced more growth since implementing what we’ve learned than in the previous five years combined! The growth of deposits and loans can only be described as a miracle and profits are up 44%. We just hit a ROA of 2.4.”
Charles Holland, Chief Executive Officer, Farmers State Bank of Alto Pass
“In our first year, we had almost 18% core deposit growth. Now my team brings in a $2 million to $3 million checking account every single week using what you taught us.”
C. Floyd, Chief Executive Officer, Dream First Bank
“We just closed 35 of our Top 100 prospects for 2023 and we just started August. Doing this has allowed us to catapult our NIM to 5.4 – we get the premium price every time we ask for it and always on the best-quality customers.”
J. Burnett, Chief Executive Officer, Libertyville Savings Bank
“Before Roxanne we had lost direction. We knew we needed growth and a culture shift. Since joining The Emmerich Group, our deposits are up 22%, our customer satisfaction rating is 9.90 out of 10, and we are experiencing our most profitable year on record. This is the best investment we’ve ever made.”
J. Blake, Chief Executive Officer, Peoples State Bank
“The day after attending, our CSR used the needs assessment techniques you taught with a customer opening a new account. Guess what? The customer pulled a $250,000 check from his billfold and opened an account! The additional cross-sales that are materializing are amazing. This is only a fraction of what’s happening here since attending.”

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