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Breakthrough Banking Blueprint

An Elevated “Graduate School of Banking in a Book”

“We assumed that high performance was for ‘the other guys.’ Then we found the Blueprint and we skyrocketed from a bank that was battling for average to a high level of performance we never dreamed possible. It was a miracle. We had two individuals from our team who took the Accredited Banking Professional course and, while ‘practicing,’ brought in $20 million in deposits—$15 million of which were low-cost deposits. And we are hitting every single metric every single quarter—something we never did before. I can’t imagine any bank that wouldn’t want to have this Blueprint. All of a sudden, we’re having a blast coming to work every day!”

– C. Holland, CEO, Farmers State Bank; Banky™ Award winner

Top-performing banks across the country credit Roxanne Emmerich and the strategies in this book for helping them pull ahead during the last recession and helping them achieve a level of performance they never dreamed possible.

A Concise, Well-Written, Practical Performance Breakthrough Plan Brimming with Energy

“The better the book, the longer it keeps me exercising on my treadmill. The Breakthrough Banking Blueprint kept me at my exercise much longer than planned. I know Roxanne exudes high energy. Somehow, she embeds that energy into the book.

This one is different from her others. ‘Blueprint’ is an appropriate choice for the title, as she quite concisely lays out plans for transforming community banks into high-performance entities.

The book is brief and an easy read, but it’s certainly not short on content. In fact, she has links distributed throughout the book that offer access to detailed training video clips. In summary, I’d highly recommend the book to community bank CEOs and other bank executives.”

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Product Information
Title: The Breakthrough Banking Blueprint: The “Franchise” System to Get to Top-of-Peer Performance and Stay There
Author: Roxanne Emmerich
ISBN: 978-1-890965-11-2
Softcover: 160 pages

This book is an expert insider account that outlines how the top community banks in the game have been hitting the target every quarter without skipping a beat, despite recessions, big-bank buyouts, and vicious competition for deposits. It’s the ultimate blueprint for an unlikely success story: Stop just surviving, and learn how to thrive.

Read the Book that Stands as The Secret Foundation for All Top-Performing Community Banks and Is an Elevated “Graduate School of Banking in a Book”

In honor of Community Banking Month (April), free copies (pay only shipping) of this book are available for Extraordinary Banker® subscribers with banks between $250M and $10B in assets. (Must be ordered by a Board member or executive officer.) Quantities are limited and this offer won’t last forever.

With more top-of-peers bank CEOs on her roster than anyone else in America, Roxanne’s insights will take your bank to new heights of performance while attaining new lows in unnecessary risk. This book contains a revolutionary new approach to balancing the sustainable growth of safety, profit, and size, without risking any of them in the process.

The Breakthrough Banking Blueprint will show you:

  • How to find and secure your magic 100: 100 new customers who will instantly help to double your recurring profitsdecrease your marketing spend, and stabilize your gross margins.
  • How to move from a transactional bank strategy to a transformational one and escape the commodity sinkhole.
  • Why more than 95 percent of “sales improvement” training events never produce revenue increases, and why they create culture disasters instead.
  • How to turn your clients into advocates who insist that all their friends stop banking at your competition and bring all their business to you.
  • Why the very models accepted as “conventional wisdom” for all of banking history have single-handedly diminished the number of banks from 18,000 to 5,000 in the past few decades—following the trendline, we’ll be down to one bank in 25 years. Discover the secrets of how you can prevent your bank from ending up on the cutting room floor.
  • The 5 biggest strategic planning mistakes that almost every bank makes—and why they almost never recover from them.
  • The Big 3 Secret: Despite what you’re taught to believe, this is how you CAN achieve more growth and profit with less riskall at the same time.

“In the last three years, the ‘Blueprint’ has helped us have a breakthrough we never dreamed possible. Assets have grown 44%, loan growth is up 64%, net income has doubled, AND we were ranked #2 by SNL for banks under $1 billion. Best of all, we were named the 2019 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™, and our clients are all thrilled to see what our bank in our small community has accomplished!”

– Chris Floyd, President & CEO, First National Bank of Syracuse;
#2 on 2016 SNL Top 100 under $1 Billion; four-time Banky™ Award winner;
2019 Extraordinary Bank of the Year by the Institute for Extraordinary Banking

“We’ve been using the Breakthrough Banking Blueprint for over a decade. It has literally taken us from a mediocre bank to a billion-dollar bank earning over a 2.00% ROA and 5% NIM, and it has brought us the safety and ease needed to weather any unexpected storms. The only time it doesn’t advance us is when we start chasing a shiny new object and move away from the fundamentals that have made us strong. Even then, the Emmerich Group brings us back to the simplicity of a well-executed system, and they always pop our numbers to the next level. I’m perplexed about why any community bank would go it alone without The Emmerich Group installing this system—especially during challenging times.”

– P. Steele, CEO, First Volunteer Bank