Breakthrough Banking™

Videos May Be Viewed In Any Order

Legendary Customer Service: Getting and Keeping Customers for Life

  • The ultimate secret of best-in-class customer service
  • Why “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”
  • See your bank the way your customers do—and why doing so is critical to its success
  • Create a plan that delivers “Wow” customer service daily

Recovering from an Oops: How to Keep a Customer After You’ve Made a Mistake

  • 9 simple steps to make the customer love you again after you’ve messed up
  • Strategies to diffuse anger and get everyone to keep their cool
  • Create solutions that are “win-win” for both you and the customer
  • Develop an effective follow-up plan
  • Build a stronger relationship with the customer than you had before you made the mistake

We Have to Stop Meeting Like This: How to Run or Attend a Results-Oriented Meeting

  • Why most meetings are a boring waste of time … and why yours doesn’t have to be
  • Create an actionable agenda that produces results rather than talk
  • Get rid of tangents, whining, and other time-wasters that make unproductive meetings drag on and on
  • Get participants to stick to the agenda—without turning them off
  • Follow up on meetings so the participants follow through

The Ultimate Banking Sales System: Your Step-by-Step Action Plan

  • 6 things you should always tell the prospect before discussing rates
  • Finding and selling your bank’s UCA (Unique Competitive Advantage)
  • The “hidden” psychology of every successful sales presentation
  • Turn every prospect into a customer

Peak Performers: Secrets of the Top Achievers

  • Develop the “can do” attitude
  • Improve your results and effectiveness
  • The #1 attribute of the highest performing people—and how you can develop it in yourself and others
  • Secrets of thinking like an entrepreneur
  • Why every job is critical to success

Establishing Rapport: Selling Yourself With Confidence

  • Talk the prospect’s language—not yours
  • Lord Chesterfield’s winning secret for getting prospects to like you
  • Show customers you are concerned about their needs
  • Create comfort and synergy with your customers
  • Read people like a book

Converting Inquiries Into Sales: Finding the Customer’s Hot Buttons

  • What Socrates can teach you about successful selling
  • The 5 elements of a good sales question
  • Move prospects quickly from disinterest to desire
  • Eliminate the competition from the prospect’s mind
  • Close every sale

Working Together: Moving from Group Chaos to Team Synergy

  • The 4 stages of development—and which one your team is in
  • Analyze team strengths and weaknesses
  • Work together more effectively
  • Set team goals, roles, vision, and expressions
  • What Michael Jordan can teach you about being a team-player

Creating Harmony: Dealing With Conflict on the Job

  • Know your conflict style
  • Get to the root of any problem quickly and efficiently
  • Give feedback that improves results without creating chaos
  • Accept and acknowledge feedback
  • Cope with even the most difficult people

Hoopla: Building Fun Into the Workplace

  • Create a plan to change your counterproductive ideas, habits, and misconceptions about motivation
  • Explore the documented effect of optimism on results
  • Get passionate about how your work impacts the world
  • Break down workplace silos to create fun and enlivening rituals
  • Celebrate, encourage, and make a difference in the lives of your co-workers and customers

Focus: Making Power Goals Happen

  • Set goals—business and personal
  • Get what you really want (not what others think you should have)
  • 5 steps to making your wildest dreams come true
  • Common goal-setting mistakes … and how to avoid them
  • Create the action plan that will get you to your goals

Powerful Leadership: Leading People to Greater Performance

  • The top 10 attributes followers want from their leaders
  • Get your people and objectives aligned in the same direction
  • Motivate people to go beyond their job descriptions
  • Create a vision that inspires people to a higher level of performance
  • Why leadership is more about you than the position you hold