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How do you protect your bank from the new “I QUIT” culture known as the Great Resignation of 2021?

How are you planning to protect your employees against low morale and recruiter attacks?  And how do you plan to combat the upcoming exodus caused by headhunters calling your best team members weekly with outrageous offers–promising the moon, including upfront money and significantly higher salaries?

The research shows that we’ve never seen a time quite like this–you are more vulnerable than ever before to losing your best people.

The Microsoft Work Trends index found that 26 percent of workers plan to leave their current jobs over the next two months, and 40 percent over the next six months.

Another study says it is even worse–50 percent are looking to dump you before year’s end.

But why?

And do you need to take this seriously?

Forrester’s research data shows that 53 percent of employees want to keep working from home.

Between this and the constant “threat” of burnout that the media likes to sprinkle everywhere, how does a CEO create a culture of resiliency that toughens up the troops and what is the system we can implement if your best people DO decide to leave?

As mentioned in the article you read in the Extraordinary Banker® magazine, one of our clients had 2 of their top performing people leave, a lender and a CLO, but had NO fallout: not one of their accounts left and the system we put in place with them allowed them to immediately pick up about 100 basis points more in premium pricing above the competition on average, and they grew.  Their ROA shot past 2.0 and NIM zoomed over 5.

The “steel trap” for keeping your best people and succeeding with AND without them is this same system.  That’s what the CEO from the story above implemented.  And it worked.

Winning big deals is fun– who wants to leave that?  Installing the system doesn’t have to be hard or take a million years to implement.

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“I wish I would have done this 30 years ago when I started my banking career.” – K. Brown, VP, First National Bank of Syracuse