An On-Demand Webinar Replay for Bank CEOs, Executive Teams & Board Members

The Worst-Case Scenario Bank Survival Strategies

What to Do Right Now With the Uncertainty and Future Financial Impact Caused by COVID-19

In this webinar replay, we covered: 

  • What to say to customers to keep them without having to lower loan rates and make sure deposits don’t go running out the door.
  • The most important steps that you must take starting today to come out of this difficult time stronger than before.
  • How to apply the principle of ‘divide and conquer’ to get everyone focused on the most important tasks at hand.
  • How to avoid layoffs, sales slumps, and dangerously low morale.
  • How to quickly shift from your out-of-date strategic plan to get everyone on your team to focus on the right revenue–create safety and position your bank as one that comes out ahead.

We are humbled by that fact that we had many bank CEOs tell us during the last recession that they don’t know if they would have made it without us by their side. We are sharing this information to help you make the critical decisions you must make now to position yourself to emerge from this crisis stronger.

The Worst-Case Scenario Bank Survival Strategies On-Demand Webinar Replay

“One of the key phrases on our strategic plan is: ‘Do more with less.’ We’ve done just that. That shows up in our culture scores, and it shows up in our productivity, based on the amount of assets under management per employee. And because we’re doing more with less, we have higher-paid people.”

–Nevin Grigsby, President
Farmers State Bank

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