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Cross Sales Part 2 of 3

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The last time we met, I told you we’d be coming back this time to discuss: how do you boost those cross-sales and how to do it by having a cultural transformation within your organization.

Because that change in your culture and improvement in your bank’s culture is key to transforming results by making sure that your customer feels heard and moved along.

Outdated Sales Systems & A Better, Proven Process

Most people have the wrong system of sales. We’ve been applying the same system for many, many years with our banks. And it is unheard of for one of our banks to not accomplish a doubling or even a tripling of their cross-sales within the first year or two that we work with them. These are the same banks that, many of them, have gone through many sales training firms to no avail. They didn’t move the needle at all. And yet given the right sales system suddenly, miraculously a change. But it isn’t just the sales system and the steps to the sales process. It’s also the steps in the sales management process. People who are not understanding how to do what they’re going to do can’t win at their jobs. But also, we have to understand stage-appropriate accountability. 

When people don’t yet know what to do, you can’t hold them accountable for the results. 

When they’re not good at being able to ask the right questions of people to say, “Okay, Julia, based upon what you’re telling me, I’m hearing that you have a need for this. And so, therefore, I’m going to recommend this. I also heard this, I’m going to recommend this. And you said this, I’m going to recommend this. And also you said this one recommends this. Do I have everything correct? Great. Do you have any questions? Or would you like to move ahead?”

Building the Right Skill Sets For Your Team Members

Most team members don’t have the skill sets yet to ask the right questions. Nor do they have the business savvy to listen to the answers. That development of your team members to be true trusted advisors so that they can own the entire relationship––not just at the inception of the relationship, but throughout the relationship––is going to be more and more important as more desperate competitors have never been after your customers more than they are now. 

This is the time to get busy and transform. When we come back next time, I’ll give you a few more ideas about how to continue to build your cross-sales. Because it’s time for the cultural transformation within your organization to begin now.

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