Cross Sales Part 3 of 3

The last two times we connected, we’ve been talking about the need to improve the cross-sales within your bank to create a better sales experience for your people. And to make sure that you capture the entire customer relationship by creating a transformation of the process that attracts the customers to you. 

Good Intentions Aren’t Getting the Job Done

Let’s say it: Good intentions aren’t getting the job done. If it was true that they were, we would have solved this cross-sales thing a very long time ago. It’s imperative for the customer relationship in your bank to make sure that you’re accomplishing the outcomes of the entire relationship being captured––especially as it applies to your top 100 most profitable customers, and also your top 1000 most profitable customers. Those customers pay all the bills––can you really afford not to have all of those customers bring their entire relationship to you? Because if you haven’t done that, they are vulnerable. 

But here’s the thing, many of your people are not ready to be in front of the affluent. They don’t have the skills to make sure that they are walking away every single time with the entire relationship. They’re still having Howdy Doody calls––God Bless them––they mean well. They’re talking about your pricing and your brochures. They don’t know how to ask the right questions so that when they walk out, they command the entire relationship at premium pricing. 

Solving the Cross-Sales Problem

Solving cross-sales has a lot to do with making sure you have the right customer relationship situation for your bank, but also that you have the right sales system to make sure that your people know what to do. Let’s face it: they mean well, you mean well, you’ve tried a lot of things, but it hasn’t worked. 

I would love to share with you some of the processes that we have shared with the very best banks in this country that are not performing at the very highest levels, who have accomplished cross-sales ratios beyond their wildest dreams. There is a system that works. I look forward to connecting with you at our next seminar. And I’d love to show you how––or pick up the phone, give me a call. We’d love to get this going for you quickly.

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