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How to Turn Your Personal Bankers Into Cross-Selling Stars

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What if you had personal bankers who could each bring in million-dollar-business checking accounts—2 to 4 of those each month—with great regularity?

And what if you could have other personal banker specialists who focus only on your top 100 most-profitable customers, and you could get an average of 13 cross-sales on those accounts?

And what if you had personal bankers who could proactively call out to Top 100 and Top 1000 customers with an extreme amount of sophistication so the customers bring all their business and all their friends?

Listen…the 1980s are over and mobile banking is here. And the game has changed to one where your personal bankers need to be out there—not in here—but not with traditional sales processes, but instead, very sophisticated ways to talk to people.

Those three things I started with? Sounds impossible? They’re not—when you follow a simple system into what could otherwise be a complex process.

Let’s talk about what’s necessary here.

Number one is the education—they must be exposed—every week—to a basic. Repetition is the law of learning: the more they repeat the learning, the better it is. One chapter in Thank God It’s Monday® University, or TGIMU, every week, is a necessity—from the day they start to the day they retire, to be make sure they really accomplish that.

Then, the needle movement must be watched, and celebrated, and coached—on a daily basis. Management is changing their role, to not just watching the results at the end of the week to being involved throughout the week, helping each person understand how to improve their skills—to really make that happen.

Last, you want to be thinking about getting them down to that success in the mastery of the accomplishment, so they get 6 to 7 to 8 cross-sales on average—before you begin the career pathing. Then, and only then, can you take them down the path of taking them into specializing in going out and getting million-dollar checking accounts, or specializing in Top 100 accounts, or specializing in mastery of the accounts that are walking in the door.

Mastery happens only by complete mastery of the basics. So, it shouldn’t take you more than 3 to 4 to 5 months to take your cross-sales average on new accounts from 2.2 to over 4, 5, or even 6—some banks even 7—in that period. And once they have that accomplished, you know they are ready to begin the career pathing, because they are following the system properly.

Enjoy the ride—having mastery in your personal bankers—being able to bring in all the business, all the time—and it never needs to feel like sales.

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