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The Question That Stops Prospects in Their Tracks

by | Sales Process

Finding it more difficult to get the attention of prospects “shopping” for a mortgage rate??

They’re busier than ever, and they already have a bank…so why on Earth would they want to sit down and listen to you?

If your answer is “we have competitive rates,” you lose…and so does your prospect.

I don’t mean to offend you, but think about it…you lose two ways…

You either win the business by giving away the profit…

OR, you’ll lose business because you (rightly) gave a rate you like, but offered no added value to the prospect to make them happily pay you more…so they walked down the street for a lower rate.

And either way, the prospect loses—they risk getting a cheap mortgage that might not be the best value for them.

You can turn all of that around, get the business, get paid a premium for it, AND have happier customers who willingly pay you more.

What I’m about to share with you isn’t for everyone, and it may not be for you. But there are a small number of bankers who are looking at what’s happening in community banking right now and instead of hiding under the desk, hoping it’ll pass, they KNOW there’s an opportunity, and the opportunity is right now.

For those “entrepreneurial bankers,” we’ve put together a first of its kind event. It’s focused on capitalizing on the opportunity at hand and “running the table” on the rest of the head-in-the-sand, hope-it-will-pass bankers that are doing nothing more than coasting to the finish line of their careers.

All the details for Community Banking Super Conference are here.

This is unlike any event we’ve ever hosted before. We’ve invited the top CEO’s’s for the country’s most innovative community banks

  • Banks that are crushing it with cross-sales (getting numbers I won’t reveal here…you won’t believe them or the speed at which they occur, but they’re true…documented and proven …let’s …let’s just say that doubling cross-sales is the “starter” goal).
  • Banks who CONSISTENTLY win deals at 100-150 basis points above their competition. (I know…hard to imagine if you’re getting undercut every day, which is precisely why you should be there to find out what they’re doing that you’re not).
  • Banks that are filled with ENERGY and a workforce that exudes confidence, trust, and caring…oh, and they SELL! All of them…because it never feels like sales.
  • And there’s more…much more.

Get all the conference details here then IF you plan to do more than merely “coast” to the end of your career (or if you’re too far from the end to coast), I recommend you make a modest investment in yourself and your bank and attend the Super Conference.

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