The Emmerich Group®

Taking Ambitious Banks to a Level of Performance They Never Dreamed Possible

A Proven Track Record

Over the last 25 years, The Emmerich Group®, led by CEO and President Roxanne Emmerich, has worked with more than 300 banks and thousands of results-oriented executives, providing them with what they need to achieve consistent, predictable, short-term and lasting, long-term results. This includes:

  • Expansion of net interest margin
  • Safe, profitable loan growth
  • Multiplied cross-sales
  • Dramatic Increases in core deposit mix
  • More profitable employees
  • Happier customers

Learn the Secrets of Top Performers

Do the math: The number of community banks that reach the Top 5 Percent of performance, culture, and customer experience is small and limited. And the banks that attain such lofty status are constantly evolving, staying ahead of economic volatility to ensure they fight off predatory competitors and remain at the top.

Wouldn’t you like to know their secrets? Better yet, wouldn’t you like to join that elite, exceptional, extraordinary group of top-performing banks and have the tools, knowledge and systems to stay there?

Stay Ahead of the Game

The war on community banking is ongoing and showing no signs of slowing down. Government regulations handcuff your ability to compete against the “too big to fail” institutions and the new “non-bank” tech competitors. The big banks are conspiring to steal your best customer accounts, and nearly three-quarters of Millennials believe a tech startup will soon be handling their money.

To conquer these challenges, innovation is vital and proactivity is a must. The Emmerich Group® is a “Rapid Response Team” whose mission is to save community banking by taking banks to a level of performance they never dreamed possible. The Emmerich Group® helps you repel attackers, restore your fortress walls, and shows you the secret systems of the Top 5 percent of community banks in America.

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