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Work With The Emmerich Group

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Winning The War on Community Banking is Absolutely Possible.
IF you have “The Framework”.


Big Banks, FinTech, Congress and Regulators have declared war on community banking–and on YOU and YOUR BANK in particular…


This is the home of those community banks determined to survive and win against the constant onslaught…


As a community bank leader you’re facing a defining decision in a post-Covid, post-PPP world…
Fight to Win or Continue Slowly Losing.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The big banks are conspiring right now to “buy” your best consumer accounts with incentives to move. Oh, and they want your commercial accounts too!

FinTech firms believe you’re unnecessary—in their eyes you, we, are dinosaurs…all but extinct. (Want proof? Three direct attacks were launched on you during Super Bowl 50—the most egregious from PayPal, who taunted bankers as “the old money.”)  The current Capital One ads touting their new online bank depicts traditional banks as “going as slow as yesteryear” and so slow it’s like they’re frozen.  Another ad is called “Ghost Towns”.  Need I say more?

And, the next big bubble of new customers—the Millennials—are listening to the FinTech firms. Research shows that 73 percent of Millennials believe they don’t need a bank and expect a tech startup to handle their money in the near future.

This millennial market share is dwindling fast, including the businesses they will start and the large accounts they will control.

Finally, Congress and the banking regulators are handcuffing your ability to compete against the “too big to fail” and the new “non-bank” tech competitors.

It’s the perfect storm and it will sink…it is sinking…many community banks.[/vc_column_text][vc_pm_advanced_button label_text=”Click Here to Apply for Your Private Implementation Session” button_align=”aligncenter” href=”#coachingform”][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

We Are Decidedly Different, Our Approach—Dramatically Effective—Yet, Not for Everyone and Maybe Not for You…

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]To be honest, we are not for “most” bankers. Many choose to cling to tradition, as if riding the top of the mast to the bottom of the sea is a solution for survival. Others want to get different results, want to return to the time when banking was a fun, rewarding business, but fear change themselves, or are afraid their people can’t or won’t change.

If that is you, be honest with yourself. You may not be a candidate for what we do.

For that special banker who sees a vision of the community bank of tomorrow that is, once again, the central business institution in the community…that is innovative…that attracts the best customers within the market because they receive such overwhelming value…

If you are that banker, you’ve finally found it…

Your port in the storm…

IF your sales team is rusty with very low cross-sales;
IF you’re worried about the coming Turnover Tsunami and want to DO something about keeping your best people;
IF you have low assets per employee;
IF your ROA is not quite there;
In short, if you want multiple board members a few short months from now asking you with wide-eyed amazement, “Seriously–how did you accomplish all of this?”

Then you need the Emmerich Framework.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

If You Qualify…

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]…you, like our client banks can expect rapid improvement—all key needles advancing at once…simultaneous, not sequential…

We specialize in hardening your defenses and, simultaneously, giving you new, different, firepower to combat the new threats. We install, in your bank, the Franchise System of Banking—a proven success framework for high-performing community banks.

“The Framework” is responsible for taking many of our clients from bottom-quartile performance to Top 5 percent, even #1 in their state, in just a few years. And, following “The Framework” you can expect to experience growth, positive–even dramatic needle movement and unquestioned results and performance-cultural improvement within 30-60 days (and that’s just the start).

To experience what it might be like to work with us, I recommend that you request a private session with one of my Emmerich Certified Community Bank Team Members. There is no charge, however you must meet our strict, but reasonable criteria:

  • You must be a community bank with assets between $250 Million and $2.5 Billion.
  • Your CEO and at least one other executive or board member must participate in the call.

During your private call, you’ll have the opportunity to bring one issue related to growing your bank and one of my team members will work with you to develop a battle plan for that issue. We will demonstrate to you what it might be like to work with us. And we’ll evaluate you to determine if your bank fits our strict guidelines for new clients.

To begin the application process for your private implementation session, enter your contact information below:

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