“[The Emmerich Group] has helped us have a breakthrough we never dreamed possible: assets have grown 44%; loan growth is up 64%; net income has doubled; AND we were ranked #2 by SNL for banks under $1 billion. “

–C. Floyd

President & CEO, First National Bank of Syracuse

“[Working with Emmerich] has taken us from a mediocre bank to a billion-dollar bank earning over a 2.00% ROA and 5% NIM. The magic is the simplicity of a well-executed system that always pops our numbers to the next level.”

–P. Steele

CEO, First Volunteer Bank

“[With the Emmerich Group] we skyrocketed from a bank that was battling for average to a high level of performance we never dreamed possible.

We are hitting every single metric every single quarter—something we never did before. I can’t imagine any bank that wouldn’t want to have this.”

–C. Holland

 CEO, Farmers State Bank

“[Working with Emmerich] we now know how to command premium pricing while maintaining excellent credit quality. [We now have] a predictable success machine that will keep us safe during good times and bad.”

–K. Knudsen

President & CEO, Security Bank,
Past Chair of Graduate School of Banking, Colorado


No Organization Has Helped More Banks
Get to—and Maintain—

Top 5% Performance

Than The Emmerich Group

Hundreds of
community banks across the United States

have trusted The Emmerich Group (TEG) to transform their systems and people, leading to levels of performance they once thought impossible.

“I’ve always said that if our competitors got hold of Roxanne’s information, we’d be in trouble. Fortunately, we found her first.

Roxanne’s system works—especially during times like these.”

—A. Tubbs

 Chair, Ohnward Bancshares, Inc.,
Past President, American Bankers Association

Going from bottom quartile to top quartile
(and knowing how to stay there) IS achievable—in fact,
most TEG clients get there in as little as three years.

“We haven’t encountered a bank yet that couldn’t break through to even better results…even if it’s already a top 5% performer. Many of our clients are—in fact, that’s our specialty.”

Roxanne Emmerich,

President & CEO,
The Emmerich Group


is the ONLY company that works at
the intersection of strategy, culture,
marketing, and sales process
to help
community banks:

  • CREATE radical and sustainable market differentiation,
  • DELIVER massive results,
  • LOCK IN brand insistence.

The ONLY Integrated, Intentionally Congruent System Designed to Take a Bank to High Performance and Keep Them There.

THE SYSTEM is made up of systems and subsystems that all work together and is as elegant and harmonious as it is engineered excellence.

STRATEGIC PLANNING that is a north star, not an afterthought

A CULTURE that rocks in every way

IDENTIFY your next most profitable CUSTOMERS and bring them in

NEVER MATCH RATE again while commanding and getting premium pricing

LOAN & DEPOSIT GROWTH strategies that win prospects and increase cross-sales

CERTIFIED TRUSTED ADVISORS on your team, no order takers

ACCOUNTABILITY systems to tie everyone to profit

“[Once we began implementing The Emmerich Group’s approach,] it was like the lights went on [for our people].

Are you working with The Emmerich Group yet? If you’re not, you should be.”

—K. Burgess

Chairman, FirstCapital Bank of Texas, and Chairman,
American Bankers Association


We’ve curated a team with depth and breadth. These are people who have previously been exactly what you aspire to be… high-performing executives leading their organizations to never-before-seen heights.

DIscover Who We Are >


The Emmerich Group’s mission is simple yet significant—we’re out to save community banking because of the unique value it contributes and the unique role it plays in our local, state and national economic systems.

What Drives Us >


We believe in community banking and what it represents – the good work that people like YOU do every day.

We Believe In >


In community banking, having good people is simply not enough. At The Emmerich Group, we place our faith in the power of good systems and have built our approach on them.

How We Work >


We only want to work with ambitious banks and bankers aiming for top-of-industry performance and radical results.

Who We Work With >

“We’ve grown from $238 million to $368 million… a 54.49 percent increase, net income grew from $2.1 million to $4.1 million… a 95.2% increase, and earning assets grow from $213 million to $332 million-a 55.66 percent increase.”

-G. Majors

President and CEO,
The Hardin County Bank


Taking the Right First Step

You’re not the right choice for everyone, and neither are we.

Although we specialize in taking good banks to great, we have many stories of banks that had been solidly 4th-quartile performers right across the board that–after working with us–got to 1st-quartile every single year and even hit #1 in their markets within two to three years.

It’s not unusual for our client banks to hit every element of their Utopian dream, including net interest margins well over 4.5 (that jumped by more than 100 basis points)
WHILE they improved the quality of their loans AND took their culture from train wreck to joining the ranks of best places to work.

So if …

You are committed to following through on the uncomfortable but necessary culture transformation.

You see a vision of the community bank that is, once again, the central business institution in the community … that is innovative and that attracts the best customers within the market because they receive such overwhelming value.

You look forward to the day a few short months from now when multiple board members ask you to wide-eyed amazement, “Seriously … how did you accomplish all of this?”

Your gut reaction to being challenged to take your bank to the top 5%—and even to #1 in your state—is
“Bring it on!”

Ready to Start?

Call an Emmerich Certified Community Bank Team
Member Today

If you truly understand the scope and power of the “winds” that are gathering to take out the community banking industry, you won’t want to let another day go by before you contact The Emmerich Group. (We’ve had a few client banks with CEOs who told us they’d waited as long as 10 years to get started … mind-blowing!)

We’re making it easy, fast, and risk-free to get started.

If you want to get:

Targeted advice

From an industry expert

Specific to YOUR biggest challenge

for FREE … you can, in a private call with one of The Emmerich Group’s
expert consultants.

To qualify:

Your community bank has assets between $200 million and $8 billion
Your CEO and at least one other executive or board member must participate in the call

During your private call, you’ll have the opportunity to identify one key issue related to growing your bank. One of my team members will work with you to develop a battle plan specifically for that issue. Through this exchange, we’ll evaluate each other and determine if there’s a good fit for moving forward. (As long as the CEO and at least one other exec or board member takes part in the call, the call is complimentary; otherwise, there is a substantial charge.)