How to Escape the Real and Present Danger Threatening the Future of Community Banking in America

Dear Friend and Bank Builder,

Community banking as an industry, and you, and your bank specifically are under attack. Regulators have crossed the mote and are at the gate, battering ram set to knock down your castle door. Tech companies, eager to “play” in your “space,” as they call it, are tunneling beneath your feet and will soon breach the foundation of the community banking “fortress.” All while the “too big to fail” banks lob fiery arrows over your walls, picking off customers, even as you try to defend your turf. Out of desperation, some of your peers have made “deals with the rate devil,” succumbing to price pressure in an effort to merely survive and unwittingly, throwing the industry into a commodity death spiral.

This isn’t the community banking industry I started in two decades ago, and I suspect it’s not for you either. Yet, while the glory days may be gone and turmoil has been unleashed upon us, there are glimmers of hope, rays of sunshine, peering through the storm clouds and smoke and shining a light on the possibility of a brighter future, if only for a few, very determined and persistent bankers. We have been fortunate to witness, aid and guide more high-performing banks through this “Great Calamity” than any other industry advisor.

We have taken banks on the brink of extinction and turned them around in very short order, guiding them to long-term prosperity…AND we have taken already good banks and made them great.

Over the last 25 years, we have worked with over 300 banks and thousands of bank executives to give them the tools to achieve consistent, predictable, short-term and lasting, long-term results—expansion of net interest margin, safe, profitable loan growth, multiplied cross-sales, dramatic increases in core deposit mix and fast, dramatic changes in culture resulting in happier more productive more profitable employees and customers that rave about “their bank.” In short, we are a “rapid response team” with the mission of saving community banking by taking banks to a level of performance they never dreamed possible and, repelling the attackers, restoring your fortress walls and showing you the secret systems of the top 5 percent community banks in America.

Roxanne Emmerich,
CEO The Emmerich Group, Inc.

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Roxanne Emmerich
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Roxanne Emmerich

Chief Executive Officer Roxanne Emmerich is the New York Times, #1 Amazon, Businessweek and International Bestselling author of Thank God It’s Monday®! She and her team of experts specialize in transforming the performance of community banks…taking banks to a level of performance they never dreamed possible. From her roots milking cows and plowing fields on the family farm, she remembers the fear and devastation caused when most of the neighbors lost their farms through foreclosure sales and decided that there must be something that people can do to transform their work so that they can prosper—and she has been busting workplace performance myths ever sense. From those humble beginnings, Roxanne’s impact has been felt by millions around the world…

  • She has been seen on Fox Business, CBS, CNN and has been interviewed for over 900 radio shows and podcasts.
  • As a speaker, she has been listed by Sales and Marketing Management magazine as one of the top 12 most requested speakers in the country for her ability to profoundly transform profit and growth rapidly and sustainably.
  • Roxanne has been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame and has given more than 2000 speeches to banking and business audiences including the leadership teams of Lockheed, Merck, Upjohn, Verizon and has spoken in virtually every industry.
  • Roxanne was selected from over 30,000 in the industry for both the state and national “Entrepreneur of the Year” award before she turned 30.
  • As a Certified Management Consultant, she was the top-rated adjunct faculty at the University of Wisconsin Management Institute and teaches at the Graduate Schools of Banking and was singled out by the University of Wisconsin as their 2003 Distinguished Alumna.
  • Founder of TGIM-U®—a multimillion dollar learning, accountability and communication platform that ties together 27-key processes that gives community banks the templates, tools, education and accountability to create more revenue and profit, while creating a workplace they and their customers love.
  • As a thought leader in the community banking space, she is founding editor of Extraordinary Banker® magazine and founded the Institute for Extraordinary Banking—the home of the “Banky” ® award. She has also written several other books for the banking industry including, Profit-Growth Banking, Profit-Rich Sales and The Net-Interest Margin Solution.
  • Roxanne received the Nido Qubein Philanthropist of the Year Award for her work building schools in Africa and helping communities and children thrive and be educated through her work with community banks.

Roxanne believes passionately that people are not using a fraction of their potential and most are “checked out” on life and at work—in a trance—shooting wildly toward mediocrity. She has two words for that—“Enough Already.” She believes that past circumstances, the economy and competition are NOT excuses for not having crazy great results and believes that—for most—it’s not their fault they are stuck in the results they have…nobody showed them how. She shows organizations and their people how to replace the implied “agreements” of excuses, whining, blame, gossip, and frenzied “busy work” with massive results transformations—she believes organizations grow when their people grow skillsets, mindsets and more enlightened ways of being and she is committed to helping people get unstuck and breakthrough limiting beliefs and actions that keep them stuck. Roxanne is the answer to the “this too shall pass” mantra and replaces it with immediate transformation through her unique Kick-Butt Kick-Off® that CEOs almost always refer to as “a miracle” followed by building a predictable profit-rich success model that ends whining, complaining, gossip and other “adult day care” behaviors with enlightened, respectful, and committed activities that move profit and growth needles and keeps them moving up.