Creating a Movement in Your Organization [Video]

Here is a short three-minute video that presents an example of creating a movement. It’s not about the leader, it’s about the first follower. The first follower enrolls the second which in turn begins a movement or momentum.

While the video is taken by an amateur, I think you’ll get the concept and how it would apply to your organization.

21 responses on “Creating a Movement in Your Organization [Video]

  1. Denise Post author

    Interesting. What do you think the difference would be in that here they were at a concert like setting – very carefree and almost anything goes. No real pressure from a perfomrance standpoint or compensation standpoint. Now real world – what if the “leader” by title in the organization, who was not like the “leader” in this video. Would there be followers for the brave one standing up – who could actually be doing the organization a favor…just not recognized because of say a fear factor. Would we see the same kind of movement. Only asking the question because I do love seeing people be themselves – enjoy life – sometimes in very interesting and creative ways. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Sandi Pajak Post author

    Ok – I’m really not feeling this. Could be my age but I still believe without the leader there is no movement – the movement started with the leader the others one by one or more just followed.

  3. Chris Reagan Post author

    How appropriate given the huge leadership vacume we currently have in this country. Everyone trying to be perfect to be safe and to follow the “party”. Instead of doing the right things, for the right reasons, with the right people, they are sitting in the grass covering thier behinds and pretending to look cool when in fact they all look like what they are covering the grass with. Life is a very short dance so don’t wait! get dancing befor it is too late and you not only look old and foolish you feel old and foolish as well. Great leaders are not afraid to make mistakes and they don’t blame others for mistakes they make. They accept the mistake and try new and different ideas until soemthing works. The blame is for 1st graders!

  4. Lori Hawley Post author

    That’s amazing! It just shows what one person starts…how others will follow. What a wonderful concept for businesses. Unfortunately sometimes finding that one person to stand alone is so difficult to do! Great job on the video. I would definitely incorporate that Roxanne in your seminars and part of TGIM!

  5. Julie Ridgway Post author

    I loved it. I’ve passed it on to our Executive Leadership Team. I think it has a very powerful message to the power of ONE!

  6. Terri Post author

    I loved it! It celebrates the middle-manager who is generally in the first-follower position and must engage his/her staff to join in to meet the boss’s goal. It also relieves the pressure of getting EVERYONE to join. The video suggests that all we need do is convince one more person. That person convinces another – or maybe two who in turn convince others. Brilliant strategy.
    Thanks so much for sharing this,

  7. Rod Dean Post author

    I believe that this is a great example of what is EXACTLY WRONG with our society today. It is shallow, emotional and reactionary. The best example that currently exists is the ‘tea party movement’. Movements DON’T LAST. Only solid plans, visions and REAL LEADERSHIP does.

  8. Lisa Post author

    Great video! The evidence of what the speaker is saying shows in the picture itself. Being the first follower is every bit as important as being the leader!

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Gary Saelens Post author

    This is an excellent video. I have used this video in a management meeting. I have also tried to emulate the dancing guy at one of our quarterly celebrations. The video makes it look easy, but then there may have been more alcohol involved with the “Dancing Guy” group. When I tried this at the celebration, it showed how difficult it was to get followers, which is not unlike doing an actual culture transformation in a bank.

  10. Nancy Johnson Post author

    I agree with the presenter. It is always so importand to make sure that the “lone nut” isn’t rotten, but follow those leaders who are deserving.

  11. Rich Ruemmele Post author

    Refreshingly amateur production with its scientific observer narration. This video conveys a striking but simple message, certainly more effectively than a high cost staged product.

    The theme is right on target: leaders emerge as they are able, but early followers and moreover, the majority that endorse/emulate them are what defines the leader’s reputation and caliber.

    Side note: Many leaders benefit from being in the right place at the right time. Where would this guy and his early adopters be if the shirtless guy was in the porta potty when the music started?

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