Now More Than Ever You Must Focus on Revenue [VIDEO]

Challenging times require very focused revenue creating activities and fast. So the natural response for many executives during times like this will be to cut all the expenses, the very ones that in many cases would be what would take them ahead at the end of this and have them stand out (more…)

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How to win at YOUR game


You’ve seen it before…

Someone becomes a millionaire and then loses it all…

BUT they manage miraculously to gain back their millions in almost no time.

How in the world are they able to do this?  Are they just luckier than others?

No—they simply realize that they are in control of their results.  For great leaders, external factors are an afterthought.  They know that they can accomplish greatness regardless of their circumstances.

Community Banks are no different.  The banks that are achieving lofty cross-sales numbers and getting A+ quality credits at premium pricing believe they are worth more,

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Test Your Executive Team to See Where They Come Up Short


I believe that you can’t coach height—that certain things don’t change much.

In this session, I’ll show you how you can dramatically improve the results driven by your executive team and its effectiveness.

If you seem to be coaching the same people on the same things to no avail—the proverbial, “every day at the landscaping firm, the green side goes up, and the brown side goes down”—and you’re wondering why you do not see changes in behavior, you’re going to enjoy this, because I’ll show how to stop the chaos of no-impact coaching.

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The Power of Extreme Accountability



I believe that most people have at least a little bit of fear that they won’t be successful.

In this episode, I’m going to show you a powerful way to get your executives to understand that they own all the results for the entire organization—not just their silos—and what to do with that knowledge.

If you feel like you’re still the one who is “nagging” your team to hit deadlines and outcomes, and that others are happy to make you the “bad cop,” you’re going to love this episode. I’m going to show you how your team is going to hold themselves accountable while you get to be the good cop—which is the job you should have.

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Does Your Executive Hiring Process Need Work?


I believe the culture of your organization is your golden egg.

In this episode, I’m going to share with you how to protect your bank from the carnage that often results from bringing in executives who don’t get your culture.

If you feel like your executive team is ready to run a bank twice its current size, and the next-in-line are also ready to do the same, don’t go anywhere, because I have a few nuggets for you to make your situation even better.

On the other hand,

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What Will Top 5% Banks Do in 2016?

Is having a good year in 2015 going to impede your chance of having a spectacular 2016?

What if this next year HAD to be twice as good as last year?

And what if instead, you changed your framework from “have to” to “get to” to make this the best year ever?

Jim Collins, the author of the perennial business bestseller, Good to Great, taught us that attachment to “good” impedes the possibility of greatness.

But what if you’re already great? Well then, the attachment to great impedes the possibility for extreme mastery.

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Really Stupid Things Smart Bankers Do

Even though it was 20 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. One of the attendees at a bank CEO conference came up after my speech and began to lecture me.  “There’s one distinction you’re missing, Roxanne. We bankers, we’re like sheep. The first one marches up to the ledge and falls off, and the rest march in step screaming Baaahhh! as they fall one by one over the ledge. You have to stop believing bankers actually think for themselves!” Since then, I’ve watched that scenario play out too often. “Geez, let’s all get a bank into a grocery store before somebody else does.

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Getting Your People to Do What Needs to Get Done

I’ve seen it happen a million times. Managers tell me, “But we told them what to do, showed them how to do it…and they’re still not doing it.”

Financial institutions actually have more of a challenge with this. Because every workday involves quantifiable numbers, the assumption by managers is that everything can be controlled—including people.

The typical management approach to increased sales usually involves setting some sales goals, putting together an incentive program, and then complaining about the “sales culture” not working.

What’s missed here is that sales culture is about people.

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