Now More Than Ever You Must Focus on Revenue [VIDEO]

Challenging times require very focused revenue creating activities and fast. So the natural response for many executives during times like this will be to cut all the expenses, the very ones that in many cases would be what would take them ahead at the end of this and have them stand out (more…)

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You Can Double Profits without Adding More People or Expense

I believe that everyone wants to feel special and be treated uniquely according to the specific needs and wants. And when it comes to sales, some prospects are more special than others. 


Research shows that for banks up to 2 billion in asset size, that their top 100 most profitable customers account for between 50 to 120% of their profit. 

In this blog,  I’m going to show you how to find another 100 just like them so that you can double profits without adding more people or expense, and build a plan to get all the most profitable customers out there,

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Is this addiction killing your bank’s profit?

It creeps up on you…usually in a moment of desperation.

A prospect comes in and says “So and so bank down the street offered rate X.  If you can get me a loan at a rate that is half a percent lower, then you have my business.”

Now you feel trapped.  You want to close this deal, but you know if you lower your rate, the deal won’t be profitable…but you know if you don’t lower your rate, the prospect walk out the door and down the street to do business with your competitor—and then it happens…

You lower your rate to “buy the business.”

The temptation to rate match has become an epidemic in community banks across the country. 

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Marketing Makeover–How to KNOW You Are Getting ROI from Every Marketing Dollar


I believe that people want to work with people who “get them” and are all about their success.

In this series, I’m going to show you how you can transform the marketing ROI so that every dollar you invest gives you $5–$20 back (or more) to your bottom line.

If you’re the kind of banker who feels like your marketing department is already targeting the very best, low-risk, high-profit prospects—and they’re getting them—you’ll love this because I’ll show you how to speed that up.

If on the other hand,

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How to Get REAL Results by Optimizing Your Sales Management Process


I believe the job of a sales manager is one of the most difficult there is. In this episode, I’m going to share how a sales manager can create more and better results with fewer headaches.

If you’re the kind of sales manager or leader of sales managers:

  • Who has it all buttoned-down and you feel your sales management is optimized, you’ll love discovering how you can use that powerful platform to take it to the next level and beyond.
  • Who feels like your sales management is meh,

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How to Build Iron-Clad Accountability around Loan Growth


I believe most people really want to do a good job.

In this session, I’m going to show you how to take your “ok” performers and help them focus on what matters so they can create far better sales results than they ever dreamed possible.

If you’re the kind of leader:

  • Who has great accountability already, you’ll love this because I’ll show you how to get lenders to up the ante on their performance quickly.
  • Who feels like you struggle to get accountability in your workplace and people all “look” busy,

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Close 50% of Your Top 100 Best Customers Each Year


I believe teams can create a result that far exceeds the sum of its individuals.


In this video, I’m going to share how you can dramatically increase the chance of getting larger deals at premium pricing by utilizing team selling instead of the “individual contributor” model of sales.

If you’re the kind of leader who:


  • Has already begun selling via teams and you’re getting good results, you’re going to be glad to know that you can take it up a notch to apply even more tweaks to improve results.

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More Loans from the Best Customers at Better Pricing


I believe it’s FUN to win.

In this session, I’m going to share with you a way to help your lenders win more and better deals.

If you’re the kind of leader:

  • Whose team is already bringing in nice deals and you’re fairly happy, you’re going to love this because I’m going to show you that there is a lot more where that came from. They can, with that base, bring in so much more AND at better pricing.
  • Or, if you are a leader who is frustrated that you have a few lenders who are doing all the deals and the others don’t seem to catch on and replicate results,

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Avoid the 4 Issues Sabotaging Your Lending Team


I believe quality loan growth is one of the top three drivers of sustainable profitability for banks.

In this session, I’m going to show you how, by restructuring your lending department, you can increase the productivity per lender by 30–40% or more within 12 months.

If you’re the kind of leader:

  • Who thinks your team is kicking butt and taking names in securing quality loans at premium pricing and you’re sure it’s because of your team’s execution of a predictable success system and not driven by the competition’s recent mistakes or the economy’s impact,

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