A Proven Strategy to Attract More Profitable Customers [VIDEO]

Do you have a proven strategy to attract more profitable customers?

No, this strategy isn’t to hire more lenders.

No, this strategy isn’t about stealing the guy from next door.

No, this strategy isn’t about having your officers do more officer calls.

Those are all tactics. Those are not strategies.


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Are your employees about to dump you? [VIDEO]

Are One-Third of Your Employees About to Dump You?  I hope not, but that’s what the research is showing will happen in the next six months.

In fact, according to research done by Bamboo HR, 79% said they felt “burnt out” in the last month, and 53% experienced “burnout” in the last week. This is a severe problem.


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More than a feeling—how bank culture drives profit [VIDEO]

Does bank culture really matter? Gallup is telling us that if you have an average amount of disengagement, it will rob $3,400 from your bottom line for every $10,000 of payroll.

So YES, culture is a big deal.

And if your bank’s culture is broken, it can be fixed. In fact, that’s some of the easiest and fastest money to bring right to the bottom line—but only if you know what you’re doing.


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How to Eradicate Low Performance


How do you get people to do what they’re supposed to do—not sometimes, not sorta, but consistently and for real?

This month I met an executive who said something that shocked me. He said that only 40 percent of their people are achieving their goals. FORTY percent!!! Yikes.

Imagine what it does to the bottom line to let 60 percent of people off the hook from doing what they are expected to do.

Those who ARE getting it and delivering the goods are naturally ticked. They’re having to hold down the fort in a massive way to keep the doors open to take care of the jobs for all those who are clocking time but not meeting objectives.

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