POWER Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. Cliché? Yes. Lie? No.

The brain thinks in pictures, not words. When you are proposing your solutions, your prospect is much more likely to arrive at the decision you want if you paint a picture of what their world would be like with your solution in place.

Grab hold of their attention and stimulate their imagination. Use analogies, metaphors, stories and anecdotes to create a pain-free world for the prospect. If, with your help, they can imagine a state of euphoria, you’ve won their confidence.

One response on “POWER Pictures

  1. Richard McMurdo Post author

    I couldn’t agree more with the statement that a picture is worth a thousand words. I was once did some consultancy work for a British bank whereby they were using me to rubber stamp a particular route they were already going on. Whilst my analysis and executive summary were appreciated the biggest shock & awe came from my photos of cash exposure in their branches. The entire mathematical business case for what they’d chosen to do was put to one side and the emotional side of the business case took over. Just a few pictures painted that Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt which is what was needed to move those people who were not in a full ‘buying’ mode.

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