Our biggest learning of the conference has been USPs because of the level of service offered. They’re critical in maintaining margin and increasing customer base.

D. Drewett

CFO & Treasurer, First Federal Bank of Louisiana

I recommend Profit Growth Banking because it opens a person’s eyes to what they can do and what their organization can do. It challenges the status quo and get you to think about new ideas you can implement.

N. Johnson

Vice President, Northview Bank

Roxanne’s training has given me a shot in the arm and a kick in the butt. All of what she says is speaking to the choir. When energy and accountability is high, you can accomplish great things, so I encourage anyone who needs a kickstart to participate.

J. Kuhn

Vice President of HR and Training, FNB Oxford Bank

Our bank has been with TEG over a year, and they’ve helped us develop a sales culture. We stay at a high level of intensity and have fun at the same time. TEG has given us information to help us make better decisions. Working with them is a great experience for us, and we recommend TEG to any management team.

S. Jones

Chief Executive Officer and President, Home State Bank

We’ve had a good culture, but we saw an opportunity as NIM is being compressed, and a regulatory environment in which we wanted to grow, and really felt the need to raise the bar with TEG. They provide a strong foundation for strengthening our culture and creating enthusiasm felt by employees and customers. We’re really taking off with everything Roxanne has put together for us.

G. Coltin

Executive Vice President, The Provident Bank

TEG has been great for us, especially with helping us understand that it’s all about value building relationships with each other and our customers. It’s important for us all, regardless of our role, to become experts, and we all have a commitment to our customers. Banking can be fun! Don’t be on the fence – it’s a no-brainer to attend this. Once you make your customers happy, your sales will increase and there will be huge opportunities for your bank.

J. Moss

Farmers State Bank

Our bank has worked with The Emmerich Group for 14 years. Thriving through challenges like those we face today is exactly why we have this long-term relationship! TEG is all about culture, and they have helped us establish systems, processes, and people development so that we can differentiate BY our culture. No one comes close to the holistic and coordinated approach of The Emmerich Group. I highly recommend them!

J. Satrom

CEO, Northwestern Bank

Roxanne and her team have continued to provide extraordinary resources and tools to help our organization navigate through the COVID-19 crisis while providing the best possible service to our clients and prospects.

K. Knudsen

President and CEO, Security Bank

We were already thrilled with our relationship with Emmerich, however the resources and support they have provided during the COVID crisis have been priceless. Thank you!

W. Calderara

President and CEO, Ulster Savings Bank

During a time of unease and confusion in the world during this pandemic, Roxanne Emmerich and the entire Emmerich Group have been leading the charge for community banks. They have stepped up in a major way to lead banks through this difficult and challenging time. Fantastic!

C. Holland

CEO, Farmers State Bank

Great ideas for selling.

S. Nadrchal

FVP, Security National Bank of Omaha