3 Reasons to Be Obsessed with a Performance Breakthrough Now

This is YOUR time. Never has there been a better time to pick off your competitor’s top clients. Here’s why:

1)  Your competitors are napping. They are consumed with asset quality. They think they have a pause button that says, “All else on hold while we clean up this mess.” It’s like saying that because you are busy, you’re going to choose each morning between brushing your teeth and putting on deodorant.

2)  Your asset quality isn’t perfect. All the more reason to bring on some high-profit accounts and pull in substantial low-cost deposits and high-margin high-quality loans. It will make your overall portfolio stronger.

3)  Money is on the run. Troubled banks are bleeding good customers. They are looking for a home.

Good points, you say. This makes sense. But dang, your people don’t really know how to capitalize on this.  Why isn’t it working? Because there are five whoppin’ hurdles that make it feel like that dream last night where you were being chased, but your legs wouldn’t move.  Watch for these in my next post.

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